Book for New Users Is Out

My introductory-level book, “How to Rack,” is now officially uploaded. For the foreseeable future the link to the book and related materials will be found at If you’re a power user, you probably won’t find anything very useful in it, other than possibly the tip in the last chapter about how to get step sequencers to start on Step 1. The book is intended to help new and semi-new users get up and running with VCV with fewer snags and less confusion. Please let me know about any typos or other confusion! Thanks.


Just getting started and learning tricks from videos and random posts, so your book is much welcomed on my part. Thank you!


Very altruistic venture here. Thanks for this! Must have been a huge effort. I’ll definitely throw this on my iPad for some bedtime reading.

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great job! thanks for doing this!

for a future edition, i would recommend adding a table of contents at the beginning, and maybe links to this community forum and the facebook official users group at the end.

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Thank you very much. Great effort much appreciated!!

Excellent tutorial for beginner. Combine with Omri’s videos, it’s a killer…

I welcome such projects!
I’m constantly surprised by the lack of written resources, compared to the abundance of new video tutorials.

I can’t stress enough this (from the introduction to the book):

There are some great video tutorials on YouTube, but the written documentation is a bit sparse

I suppose making videos gives more satisfaction than writing blog posts, and I’m happy that people make so many of them. But…am I the only one who hardly manages to watch a video tutorial until the end, and would rather read long blog posts?