Is there a clock counter?

Something you could use to test a clock?

VCV Library - AS Steps ?

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NYSTI RAEL can measure time (between raising edges I guess)

Looking for something more like steps, that counts the number of clocks, not the time between them. Although that’s cool, too.

NYSTHI Bignumber ?


Countdown 3 and Countdown 5 by Count Modula count down from a preset number.


If all you want to do is count triggers (or gates) then VCV Library - DanT Kalkatron can do that, although when you say test clocks, I am thinking you want something that is maybe more scientific?

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For getting a BPM or frequency readout there’s NYSTHI::ClockMultDiv

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That’s pretty cool. Can the mult amount be non-integral?



That’s cool. I only figured out how to do this this week.