Is it possible to create an emulator with which we can use V1 plugins in V2?

Hey you programmers, as a simple Linux user, I am enthusiastic about the possibility of using emulators to run Windows programs on my computer. The question arises whether something like this is not also possible in VCV rack. So an emulator with which you can use V1 plugins in V2. stoermelder has shown with its modules that the possibilities that VCV-Rack has from the start can certainly be expanded with modules. As I said, I’m not a programmer, but I myself converted a few plugins from V1 to V2 that needed little revision, so I can imagine that you can also use an emulator for this.

Actually we don’t know if it is possible … but see this thread Wrapper VCV plugin for V2 that can host VCV plugins made for V1.6?

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Or, partially parse source code and translate to V2? Don’t know which way will be harder but I think emulators are not the right way to go when porting is not hard.

Just offhand it sounds really hard? a plugin can pretty much call into VCV Rack with impunity. Sure there are things that “aren’t supported” that a lot of us did… Of course anything is possible, but it sounds to me like a project that the very least would take hundreds of person-hours.

Emulating different things always sounds tempting. But one aspect must always be kept in mind: In most cases, an emulation requires the installation of a rather large overhead.

And in the area of VCV Rack, this could mean a slowdown in performance.

Not to be despised is also the immense effort until the thing runs stable and does not lead to the mother program, here VCV Rack, being torn down.

These are just a few thoughts.

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I know a emulation cannot be compared with the real thing and it also shouldn’t replace it. I want to use all converted modules in V2, but there are a lot of modules, which are not open source and therefore will likely not be ported to V2, for that an emulator will be great. But if it is too much effort, then forget my thoughts.

I think we should make a list of all actually not ported plugins.

I work on an actual list, like I had in News the Rack (the Newspaper Version) to include and update in my soon coming Blog “News of the Rack V2”.


You can do the opposite running vcv rack 2 in the host v1

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What’s the benefit of doing so?

I is not something what I would do, but if you like to run the v1 modules beside the v2 modules (as described in the title ) that is a lateral solution to the emulation, also, now I m thinking there is nothing to prevent you run the v1 beside the v2

In my understanding, the goal is to make it possible to unse modules from v1 in the v2 VST version.

I see, then forget what I wrote

But the more I think of this, the more it may make sense, even if hosting a v2 Rack inside a v2 Rack. I think this could be similar to subpatches in PureData or encapsulations in MAX/MSP, although the VCV Host module adds latency (at least 0.4 ms).

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I just tried loading rack 2 in host running on rack 1 and it crashed before it even came up. :frowning:

Doesn’t even show up on my list of VSTs when trying to load it in version 2 host.

same goes for loading rack 2 into rack 2 :disappointed_relieved:

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This situation does show that when one is thinking of getting married to a module. If a module author isn’t active, either in the forums or by making or updating modules, then they probably aren’t supporting it.


It also points out your diligence. I have read you pointing out that you are not much of a Rack user, but in the short time I have been on the forum (since V2 dropped) I have seen you pretty much daily posting commentary and aid in a variety of directions. On behalf of the community I have recently joined, thanks for your insight and modules, Squinky.