Wrapper VCV plugin for V2 that can host VCV plugins made for V1.6?

There are some plugins that maybe will never be updated to V2 for several reasons.

So my question to the advanced devs here:

Might it be possible to build a generic wrapper VCV plugin for V2 that can host VCV plugins made for V1.6?

I take it you mean for plugins that are closed source like e.g. Blamsoft?

Yes, and also for open source plugins that no one wants to port to V2.

I like the idea from a technical point of view, but I fear there’s not that many plugins that would fall into this. I could be wrong though; I have 2800+ modules for v1 and don’t have all the commercial ones. So I could see there being a bigger case, as it were, for users that have all/many of the premium modules that, let’s say 6 months down the line, a certain percentage haven’t had a v2 update pushed to the library.

Please devs, remember that if you do port someone’s plugin to V2, and the original author won’t take your port as a pull request, that most licenses require you to prominently note that you modified the original if you redistribute this.

Yes, I know this doesn’t apply to forks that are intended to be re-incorporated.

Also, VCV library will probably not take your port.

Very cool idea! I’ve never done any VCV plugin development, so I’m speaking with extreme naivety, but that sounds like a helluva lot of work, assuming it can even be done. And supporting modules that circumvent the API sounds like a nightmare.

If there are enough abandoned closed source plugins, then I can see it being worthwhile. But if the majority of abandoned plugins are open source, then I should think it would be much easier (and probably better performant) to clone, port and rebrand each plugin.