Internet Collaboration via VCV and ???

Cheers all,

Just wondering if any of you could recommend a means to collaborating on VCV in the new world.

Likesay, is there a program that allows screen and audio sharing that one might use?

As always, very grateful and big noob hugs and that. Such a great community to be a part of.


You could use OBS to stream live to youtube or Twitch :slight_smile: , at least a few users do this. I haven’t tried through Discord, but it technically should work since video game streams work perfectly on it without any delay or messy audio.


I meant more privately, like. For social distancing purposes or whatever with a mate.

a previous similar discussion, with a few options:

One thing people do is send patch files back and forth. I guess you would call that “non-realtime collaboration”?

Haven’t tried it over non-local networks but this module might help you to share cv signals between separate patches.


Oh i see ! Well then maybe an option would be making a Discord server just for you and your mate :slight_smile:

Since i don’t know if it’s possible to stream directly to one another, a private server with a vocal channel is the best option in my opinion :wink:

Following this to see what’s possible. Narco, do you just want ‘friends’ to see and hear what you’re doing live or to also virtually / remotely put jacks into holes, tweak knobs and install modules on your local VCV install?

In general, for real-time jamming while socially distanced, I’ve been using JackTrip, which allows low-latency networked audio. Since JackTrip is audio-only, I usually keep a Skype/Zoom call running as well. Typically, I route my saxophone/guitar through a sound card, through Ableton, and then into JackTrip. I imagine using VCV Rack in place of Ableton wouldn’t be a problem. I was planning to run some tests with JackTrip and Rack a couple months back, but never found the time.

JackTrip is not very user friendly, and the low-latency that it allows may not be as relevant for Rack jams as it is for the improvised music I typically use it for, but I figured I’d mention that it exists.

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Not just show and tell, old boy. I want my friends male ends to find their way into my female counterparts and vice versa in full view of our families, the church and god and social distance be damned (yet completely respected). Hoakin in the rubbish bins of 11 year old humor aside, I would very much like to collaborate on vcv, over the net as though one of us were to show up with a skiff and some cv jacks at tje others studio. Can it be done, will?

How about this (the free version) ?

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Cheers again, my (Dutch?) friend. I don’t think i will find to many posts, none by me, that are friendly questions without a yeager-lution. I’ll give it a go. The ultimate goal is that we each have a cv to midi input and I guess that means our own audio out? We shall see!

Once more, N