Instruo Saich frequency problem

Hi everyone,

I observe a strange behaviour with Saich from Instruo. Nothing happens when I turn the coarse frequency knob to the right. Here are some pictures to illustrate the issue.

I have VCV rack free 2.0.6 on a mac, Instruo Saich version 2.0.0 I searched the forum and found no mention of this problem. Does someone know how to fix that ?

Best regards, Keyvan

tried with Saich 2.0.0 on Rack 2.1.1 on MacOS 12.4 on an M1 Mini and all works fine Did work back in 2.0.6 Rack as well. So not sure what to suggest

Thanks @fractalgee for checking on your side. I have an old macbook pro 2011 with MacOS 10.11.6. Could it be an issue if MacOS is too old ?

I made a lot of patches that work just fine with other modules on vcv rack.

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seems very unlikely. What do the CPU meters show?

one thought, do you have an audio module configured in this patch? No audio module no engine running could have something to do with that nut stab in the dark :wink:

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Here are some screenshots with the performance meter on and an audio module. It seems all the right side of the knob (from 12 to 5) does not change anything on the output. On the left side, from (7 to 12) it changes to low frequencies.

Capture d’écran 2022-06-06 à 08.24.26 Capture d’écran 2022-06-06 à 08.25.06 Capture d’écran 2022-06-06 à 08.25.40

I tested other oscillators from Instruo: troika, Ts-L, Cs-L and neoni work just fine.

Hmmm. FWIW: macOS 10.15.7 (Catalina), VCV Rack Free 2.0.6, and saïch 2.0.0 (in initialized state) — works fine for me.

But thanks for bringing my attention to this module. I’ve never tried it before now.

Thanks for you feedback @john_rose. I found the origin of the issue: it happens when I chose a sample rate strictly lower than 44.1 kHz, for example 24 kHz.

Any ideas on how to make Saich work properly under 24 kHz sample rate ? The sound on my computer gets very glitchy when I go to 44.1 kHz.