[FIXED] Problem with Instruo Saich — won't change pitch

I’m having the same problem as reported in this thread:

Neither turning the coarse frequency knob nor inputting pitch into the 1V/Oct input has any effect on the output pitch of the Saich — it stays at a constant 88.48Hz (an F2 that’s a little sharp). In my case, adjusting the sample rate and the block size has no effect.

I’m on an M1 Mac, using macOS 13.4 and VCV Rack Free 2.3.0, and Saich 2.1.0.

Any ideas?

VCV Rack Pro on Windows 11 and Saich is working fine, for what that’s worth.

Just tested on my M1 Mini (MacOS 13.4.1, Rack Pro 2.3.0, Saich 2.1.0) and it works fine, so not sure what the issue may be on your end…

What is your sample rate ?

Oh thanks for asking — I had checked the sample rate for the audio output (which didn’t make any difference), but I didn’t realize there was a sample rate setting in the edit menu. Setting that to Auto has fixed the issue.