Inklen - Free Modules: looking for testers

Edit: Thanks to everyone who has volunteered and been testing these modules. I probably have enough testers for the time being.

Hi. I’m looking for testers - if you’re interested, please indicate so in this thread, or send me a direct message. Versions are available for all 3 platforms.

I’ve created 5 free basic modules that are targeted at users of some other paid modules that I’m hoping to release. The modules are all fairly simple, and I hope that they can help make manipulating modulation voltages a little easier/obvious for beginners.

The modules are:

CURVE: This applies a curve to the input, with a second scaling parameter to adjust where the curve is applied (and a graph to make this clear).

RANGE: Upper and lower bounds are used to define a range of the input to be scaled. The input can be clipped, and the output scaled to +/-5V, +10V, or +/-10V.

ATTENUVERTER: This one is fairly simple and obvious. Offset is +/-10V.

MATHS: Outputs A+B, A-B, min(A, B), and max(A, B).

SIGNS: Outputs an inverted, absolute value, or positive voltage.


Love the design


I would like to test your modules. the GUI looks fine.

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I can give a try anytime you wish…

I was just reading about this ui style. I think the call it “neomorphism”? Looks good.


Yeah, that’s the one: neumorphism. It certainly has some disadvantages, but I thought that this would be a good chance to try it out. It has also been a chance to try ditching those pesky SVG files for the panels/controls (well, almost - the logo at the bottom is still in SVG format, for now), haha.

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oh, everything is bitmap based? That’s interesting.

No, no bitmaps either. The UI is all coded using the nanovg library.

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oh, wow. I’ll have to steal some idea. Is the code on github?

No, not yet. It’s a little messy at the moment, haha. I need to create some functions for the more common shapes that I’m drawing.

Nanovg is fairly easy to use: nanovg/nanovg.h at master · memononen/nanovg · GitHub

For most components it shouldn’t be too hard to convert them to code (a few filled circles, a gradient or two, and some angle calculations for knob pointers, etc).

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oh, I’ve draw stuff in code before, but nothing that fancy. The hard part for me is getting all the coordinates right - it’s a lot easer to drag shapes around on a screen (for me) :wink:

I’ll try them out. Sign me up! Thanks!

Sign me up too

I can give them a test on Arch Linux with AMD graphics drivers. I’ve found a few ways to really push modules to their limits, so I sorta like the challenge of trying to break things :wink:

Very nice! I’d love to try them out!

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered and been testing these modules. I probably have enough testers for the time being.

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