Increase Tooltip Contrast

I have limited eyesight that makes it difficult to read low contrast text. Mostly I can use Rack if zoom in a bit and increase screen brightness, but the tooltips are so low contrast they are hard to read unless I zoom in a lot. If tooltips were more readable it would help everywere, even on modules with a dark low contrast UI.

How can I change the font and background of tooltips to make them more readable? Increasting the size of the tooltip font would also be great.

Hopefully there is an easy way to do this, but I don’t mind rebuilding Rack from source if necessary.


If you don’t mind rebuilding from source, src/ui.cpp contains the UI colors. When Rack v2 is released, that file will be at src/ui/common.cpp.

I just updated the development build of my PackOne with a new module “ME” which enables an overlay on the bottom of the Rack window for parameter changes by mouse. Maybe this helps.


Wonderful, thanks Ben!

Thanks Ben, I thought it was not working, when I hovered over a knob there was no overlay… but then I clicked on a knob, and there it was… :blush:

I haven’t used it, so this may be whack… If tooltips are turned on, might it be nice to put up the overlay on hover?

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It would be nice as an option I guess…

So the modules of the future don’t need CV inputs, and now they don’t need legible knob labels either - or any for that matter. I don’t know about this… It doesn’t seem right :wink:

I implemented this at first for my own use, as visual feedback on incoming MIDI messages. I think of it as a visual aid and not as replacement as labels on the module.

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haha, yes. But it could be an effective solution to the problem of illegible panels, and make much of the cryptic stuff superfluous.