Impromptu Modular - Foundry: sneak peek new module!

(Latif) #1

This is a sneak peek of the upcoming Foundry sequencer by @marc_boule - Impromptu Modular.
A very powerful 4 track sequencer with emphasis on song creation.
To be found soon in a VCV Rack plugin manager near you! :smiley:

(Soothsayers) #2

This looks amazing! Might be exactly what I / many users are looking for. Boule’s modules are indispensable for VCV Rack and this will, with little doubt, be no different!

(Lars Bjerregaard) #3

WOW! That’s going to be a hell of a sequencer! Great tune by the way Latif :+1:

(Latif) #4

cheers Lars, yes guys this one is also very interesting from Impromptu Modular.
And a joy to work with it, it has much more cool features then explained in the video.
But that will be announced when it is released by @marc_boule
Oldskool style sequencer with high-tech mathematical precision :sunglasses: if i may say so.

In this video you hear one and the same melody that is being played 4 times, with different clocks, and a little subtle differences in gates and cv expression.
Quite mesmerizing once the rifs start to evolve around each other :crazy_face::upside_down_face:

(Latif) #5

Using Impromptu Modular - Foundry as trigger sequencer for rhythm, with 4 independent sequence clocks and lenghts.
And 8 independent CV’s, that is 2 programmable CV’s per step for nutty modulation etc.!
Oooh… if only! @marc_boule :wink:

(Soothsayers) #6

@Eurikon Really nice patch! would love to see the VCV file to learn a thing or two when Foundry gets released. Speaking of which, I am sufficiently teased… is their a release date on this bad boy ?

(Latif) #7

cheers! @Soothsayer

The module will be available as of Impromptu Modular 0.6.13 release,
watch for an official announcement from @marc_boule maybe at the announcement forum.

(Marc Boulé) #8

Within one week from now it should be out, working on the manual now, and Xavier will be making the dark panel at the beginning of the week. Cheers!