Impromptu Modular Foundry: sneak peek new module!

This is a sneak peek of the upcoming Foundry sequencer by @marc_boule - Impromptu Modular.
A very powerful 4 track sequencer with emphasis on song creation.
To be found soon in a VCV Rack plugin manager near you! :smiley:


This looks amazing! Might be exactly what I / many users are looking for. Boule’s modules are indispensable for VCV Rack and this will, with little doubt, be no different!


WOW! That’s going to be a hell of a sequencer! Great tune by the way Latif :+1:

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cheers Lars, yes guys this one is also very interesting from Impromptu Modular.
And a joy to work with it, it has much more cool features then explained in the video.
But that will be announced when it is released by @marc_boule
Oldskool style sequencer with high-tech mathematical precision :sunglasses: if i may say so.

In this video you hear one and the same melody that is being played 4 times, with different clocks, and a little subtle differences in gates and cv expression.
Quite mesmerizing once the rifs start to evolve around each other :crazy_face::upside_down_face:


Using Impromptu Modular - Foundry as trigger sequencer for rhythm, with 4 independent sequence clocks and lenghts.
And 8 independent CV’s, that is 2 programmable CV’s per step for nutty modulation etc.!
Oooh… if only! @marc_boule :wink:


@Eurikon Really nice patch! would love to see the VCV file to learn a thing or two when Foundry gets released. Speaking of which, I am sufficiently teased… is their a release date on this bad boy ?

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cheers! @Soothsayer

The module will be available as of Impromptu Modular 0.6.13 release,
watch for an official announcement from @marc_boule maybe at the announcement forum.

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Within one week from now it should be out, working on the manual now, and Xavier will be making the dark panel at the beginning of the week. Cheers!


It’s a very nice sequencer.
@marc_boule: One thing that I can’t figure out:
How can I make the phrases change at the same time in a song for all the tracks when those are clocked differently?

Hi Denis, not sure I follow you, if the different tracks are clocked differently, then they will each follow their progression independently. If we have a slower bass song in one track, and a faster more complex melody in another track, they will play their own songs (i.e. phrase changes) at their own rate. If you want to have the same song structure in two or more tracks, and have those to play in sync, then the simplest way is to have them follow the same clock.
EDIT: just saw that Omri answered in the Facebook forum :slight_smile:

Thank you Marc. But it would be very nice to be able to enable a track slaving the others. A fixed melody forcing an arpaegio (random melody) set on doted 8th or 4th triplet to follow hese different scales throughout the song…

Hi again Denis, Omri has also explained the problem in great detail, and I now believe I understand the problem. I will look into this. Thanks!

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Hi Marc
Thank you. Yes, the idea is to force slave tracks to change phrases in the same time as A, no matter of their sequence length, clock resolution or/and clock speed…

What platform are you on Denis? I have a new version for you to try if you like. Thanks!

I’m on windows. I’ll test it with pleasure. Thank you. You’re fast, man! Have a nice Sunday!

… Et merci aussi pour le nouveau venu dand la collection Geodesic. Je me réjouis de le découvrir… Il me manque toujours un peu de ce foutu temps…

Avec plaisir! C’est tout un concept et un design de la part de Pyer.

Here’s the link to try the new version:

Just looking at the conversation here, this community is awesome!


Team work, generosity and kindness at its best, a great pleasure to be a part of for sure!


Actually both run modes are creatively useful :wink:
The way you implemented it the 1st time Marc allowed for an irregular cycle run with interesting out comes,
and the way that is requested by Omri & Dennis is for the more common way of cycle run if one needs an exact outcome of cycle.
So if you ask me they both could exist as choice.

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