Impromptu Modular Foundry: sneak peek new module!

(Denis Tercier) #21

Merci. Je vais le tester jeudi. J’ai pris en tout cas un immense plaisir à m’amuser avec Foundry jusqu à présent.

(Denis Tercier) #22


(Denis Tercier) #23

Man! It works fine! Thank you very much.
While making a song, I was thinking of an option that could be very useful… In song mode, what if we could select something like “–” in the sequence selector so that a specific track doesn’t play anything in a specific phrase? I know that there’s some trick that can be done in order to do that, like setting for each track a silent sequence, but it’s not very handy. Thank you again for your outstanding work. Have a nice day!

(Marc Boulé) #24

I think what you are describing may be similar to setting the repetition count to 0 for a given phrase, which is alreay supported in order to skip that phrase if wanted, but if you want it to actually play the correct number of steps but just not produce any gates, then something has to be output in the CV jacks nonetheless, and then I would think that you indeed should create a sequence with the number of steps wanted but with all gates turned off (this can be easy to setup using the SEL-END combination). Merci Denis! (@denis.tercier)

(Denis Tercier) #25

Ok. Thanks for your help.
Have a nice day.