I'd like to do some graphic design for modules...

Just getting into VCV & while I have some ideas for devices (which, let’s face it - probably already exist) I’m not ready to get into programming.

However, I’d like to design some skins for modules, for personal use (at least at first). I can’t seem to find a guide as to how to do this, though… I may have missed it somewhere, or don’t know the right keywords to search.

Any help appreciated!

There is a Module Panel Guide:

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Thanks! From that page: “Labels should succinctly state the purpose of knobs, switches, and ports.” VCV:


I assume the way to create a new panel design for an existing component is to get into its code & point it to the updated graphic file? (Assuming we’re not overwriting the authors’ original content)

No need to go into the code for most modules, (although it might be better if you did). Look in Rack2 > Plugins > Manufacturer’s Name > Res. In that folder are all the .svg files for the panel fronts. If you save a copy and change the design, as long as you save it with the same name in the same folder (keep the original elsewhere) and reboot, it should update with your new design.


Thanks - yeah, I figured, but added that note above regarding overwriting authors’ content. Naturally I’d back it up, then…

I’ll try that out!

BTW - is there a way to edit default VCV modules? I didn’t seem them in the Plugins folder.


on my pc they’re in C:\Program Files\VCV\Rack2Pro\res\Core and res\ComponentLibrary

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Ok - in case anyone is still reading this :slight_smile: I’m able to open & edit .svg files with no issues, but they’re black when I open the module. I’ve simply tried changing the color of an existing background polygon from white to yellow.

I’ve restarted.

When I replace the edited .svg with the original, after a restart, it works fine. The edited svg appears as expected in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Any ideas?

Install Inkscape ?

They are in the Fundamental folder.

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Ok, tried opening an exisiting module in Illustrator, and it came up as 37.208 mm x 67.028 mm.

If I create a new document at the correct size in mm, and copy/paste from the original, it’s too big… So… I have some experimenting to do.

I have made many panels in illustrator, but have never used Inkscape. Perhaps you need to conver from mm to pixels in Inkscape first? Afaik AI does not support mm.

Illustrator supports mm… in fact, it’s importing at the correct size now - but still only showing up black in VCV. Hmm…

The directions say pixels are not supported.

Could it be that AI is saving the svg with “extra” information, not needed by VCV ?

Yeah, that’s possible. I’m not sure what the VCV specs are, though - didn’t see anything beyond what’s posted above. Here are the available SVG save/export settings:

I would say experiment with those settings until it works :wink:

:slight_smile: lol… I’ve learned my lesson trying to do that in the past… I think I’ll start a new thread, could probably help some others using Illustrator as well!


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Yeah, saw that when searching, and it says metadata from AI should be ignored in VCV. Maybe it’s not?

And the last response says “The proper export settings for illustrator are well documented, just google it.”

Ah… did that first, but didn’t find anything helpful, though I may have missed it.

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You aren’t “supposed” to use pix, but plenty of us do. If you are making a private build, then there’s really nothing to worry about. But if mm works for you, that’s they way to go.

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