How to visualize ADSR ?


By using ShapeMaster and ADSR module, I cannot visualize in ShapeMaster the ADSR envelope of the waveform coming from an oscillator module.

I am looking for a CV adder in order to enter the CVs of A, D, S and R in this adder

I can visualize the signal like this:

but here :

-control ADSR do not modify the curve in ShapeMaster.

-curve of ShapeMaster modify the curve in Scope

I want control of ADSR module modify the curve in ShapeMaster to visualize and to touch up an ADSR envelop in the ShapeMaster

Can you help me send me a picture?


dude, there is a visualization of the envelope right in the module.

Also, the ShapeMaster is an ADSR (among a million other things). Why do you have it controlling another adsr? What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

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I’ve only messed with the free version of Shapemaster but there are ways to set the knobs that change it’s output in ways that are not visualised overtly in the module itself.

yes there are ADSR envelopes in the ShapeMaster module but even if we use this kind of envelope, I can’t get the ADSR module to influence this kind of envelope

I’m going to assume you have already read ShapeMaster’s documentation? :slight_smile: That is probably the best place to start, as it is a very deep module

Have you managed to get it to do anything at all?

You have the ADSR plugged into the input for the VCA but the output of the cv. So the output will just be what you would get from it without the input you are using. If you use the VCA out then the Shapemaster should change the amplitude of the ADSR.

like that:

if i modify curve from ShapeMaster,no change in ADSR module

I want ADSR module change curve in ShapeMaster and not the reverse !

I suppose the solution is to use ShapeMaster Pro with SM-CV to plug CV from module ADSR to CV of SM -CV but i’m not sure

can you step back? Why do you want the adsr to change the curve of of ShapeMaster? I think you have managed to confuse us all on what you are trying to ultimately achieve


in a classic DAW,(Fruity Loops)you have a plugin named Fruity Envelop Control that changes the ADSR and in this plugin,you have button to change Attack,Decay,Sustain and Release that modifies curve of ADSR.

I would like to to the same thing with VCV Rack

Then why not use the CV ins of the ADSR module to change the Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release? That is what they are there for.

I would start basic. The shapemaster is a pretty advanced module. baby steps…

ok i already did it but i want also to visualize the curve of ADSR

…as in this plugin 's DAW

that is not what ShapeMaster is for. You’re basically trying to use a hammer like a screwdriver and wondering why it isn’t working :slight_smile:

Are you saying that, you want a ADSR module that has a curve visualization?

of course !!!

do you see that using a complex function generator might not be the best way to visualize another module’s output?

Pretty sure the ADSR is polyphonic. You could just feed in a constant 10V on one channel, then look at the ADSR’s output of that channel on the scope (which is designed to help you visualize things) - of course this is only going to show you what the ADSR is doing while it is “running”. You’ll need a different ADSR if you want to see the curve beforehand

Just use a scope , the VCV one or one of the others, they are made to show you signals. So they will show you the shape of your ADSR too


Like this

this is not enough.

In this case,i visualize but if i want to add a loop between 2 points of the ADSR curve,i can’t do it in the scope perhaps in ShapeMaster?

So you’re looking for a loopable ADSR module ? Or a complex Envelope generator ? What does the scope have to do with this ? Sorry I don’t understand :sweat_smile: