How to transpose notes in a sequence by an octave?

So I have a simple 8-note sequence and I want one or two of the notes to jump up or down an octave every now and then, what’s the best way to achieve this? I’m currently using the stock Seq-3, but I guess something like Entropia has this sort of function built into it?

VCV Rack uses the 1 volt per octave standard for pitch, so that means 1 octave up = +1 volt, and 1 octave down = -1 volt. You could use I Love Cookies (computerscare modules) to generate a random voltage of +1,-1,or 0 (no change). In the 1st text field of I Love Cookies, type in:


The angle braces <> mean the value inside is an exact voltage value, and the curly braces {} mean that each time the sequencer channel is clocked, one of the values inside will be randomly selected with equal probability. If you want it to be more likely for there to be no change, just put more <0>'s inside the curly braces eg: {<1><0><0><-1>}. Plug in a clock to the clock input of Cookies, and send the output of that channel to a sum module along with your original sequencer output.

Sequencer Clock ----->  Sequencer       ---> Sum --> Oscillator V/oct
Random Jump Clock --->  I Love Cookies ---->

Yes, Entropia can do this, but here is a way you can do it with any sequencer. Octaves.vcv (7.4 KB)
You can use a sequential switch to send the +12 semitones (an octave) from Constants, through a mixer, to the oscillator. I’m using here the Bernoulli Gate for some randomness, but you can also do it without it. The main idea is to mix both signals (sequencer and constants) and send both to the oscillator, but one will only come at certain times. Let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:


Nice solution Omri - thanks for nudging the brain cells! Will incorporate that into my Squinky Saws output as I already have Entropia feeding an FM-OP for another voice.

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There’s also a dBiz module called “Transpose” that will do the same thing. They also have a quantiser (called “Utility”) that lets you change octaves either manually or with cv. I think that lets you set the quantisation to “none”.
It’s one of those things where there are a lot of ways to do it.

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Link to the resultant patch: Al's Rack Patches

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Nice one! It works pretty well, and as you’ve done already, you can use this to transpose to other pitches also, not only an octave up. Well done!


Thanks Omri, giving so much of your expertise to this community and stimulating so many creative ideas :slight_smile:


No worries my friend :slight_smile: Cheers!

Here is another way to get the result you described. This applies the bernoulli coin toss for each individual note. Try it out! :sunglasses:

Octaves2.vcv (9.7 KB)


Thanks Jim - will give that a try, a couple of modules new to me there!

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