How to sequence notes with different durations?

Hello everyone, gurus and beginners like me.

Something came up in my mind to try today, hence my question.

As far as i know, a sequencer (either random or sequential) offers a series of different notes, but all with the same duration.

Now my question is: is there a module that allows, or some way to make any note given by a sequencer have a different length (either randomly, or ‘hard coded’)? … Or this is not possible?

Try Bidoo dTroy and Bidoo bordL. The Improptu Phrase-seq series let’s you tie notes and produce different length gates.
I think there are other sequencers that are flexible as well.
For something different the Amalgamated Harmonics Scale Quantizer Mk II has a Hold CV that I have used with good results.


Thanks a lot for the info, @cyball! … I will take a look to all those modules you mention and i’ll try to do something with them … and if can’t i will come back to ask you for help! :blush:

BTW, do you know of some videos (YouTube, Vimeo, others) that use these modules to do what i asked in my question (maybe you made some)? … It doesn’t matter if they are patches from scratch or full patches with music only.

Thanks again! :hugs:
EDIT: And thanks also for shortening the thread’s title! :upside_down_face:

I like to use a gate sequencer and let the melody sequencer advance with each active gate, it doesn’t give you different sustain durations but lets you do rhythmic melodies easily.


Oh! Excuse my ignorance, but for what you both say, the trick for making a sequencer notes lengthier or shorter, are just ‘gates’?

Time to fully learn what gates actually do, experiment and see what happens! :crazy_face:

Piano Roll from rcm allows notes of varied length, and it’s dead simple to program.

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I was going to suggest using a sequencer with an outside clock with it’s bpm modulated but it looks like I misunderstood the question.

If you got facebook look here :

Or wait for @veryfungi

Thanks @Yeager

This question was asked on facebook and I provided this solution. It allows a sequence of gate lengths to be created. You can lock the sequence by turning replace full ccw whenever you want.

Okay, I think I’m grasping what’s required nin which case i would point out that Impromptu Clocked has an extension that allows you to change the pulse width on the fly.

  1. Thanks a lot for the info @Yeager, unfortunately i don’t have facebook :frowning_face:, so i had to wait for @veryfungi

  2. @veryfungi … I’m trying your solution, but in my Scope everything looks “stable”, not like yours that seem to be random … I have tried also to check/uncheck “Disable output limit” in BGA Offset, but no effect … I also don’t observe any signal comming out from ML Evolution->Out1

Surely i’m doing something wrong, but i can’t see what :thinking:


You have to turn “replace” knob full right to let the shift register fill up with random values. That should be it. Then when you get a pattern you like turn it full left to lock it in. Adjust delay to be shorter than the clock coming in. :slight_smile:

Yes, that was the problem, thank you! …
I think it’s time to take a look at the Evolution manual :wink:
EDIT: Evolution don’t have a manual! :disappointed_relieved: … but has a video by TheKlirrfaktor :blush:

p.s.: too late to put this on a real patch now, but I’ll try tomorrow and let you know if it worked.


Thanks for the information @dag2099 … also for your previous post, which i’ve found to be a very interesting idea to explore (at least for me, a beginner).

Impromtu’s Clocked is the clock i use in all my experimental patches, but I did not know I could use this extension for what I asked.

As I said to @veryfungi it’s too late to build a patch now, but tomorrow I’ll try and I’ll let you know the results (this applies also to @cyball, @Schabbes, and @existentia)

Good night all and thanks for your help! :hugs:

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You can try the sequencer from KoralFX, which has a few length options for each step. You can also try running a few different clock speeds through a sequential switch, and driving the sequencer with it.


Well, this is my first try … Do not criticize me too much (although criticism is always welcome here), think I’m still learning: blush:

Some things:

  1. I am not totally convinced of my use of VCA-2 + ADSR in the patch, so any suggestions to do the same, but much better, will be welcomed.

  2. Thanks to all of you in this thread that helped me understand how to do what I asked for! :+1: :hugs:

  3. I have tried to use free modules with the patch, so I hope that anyone who wants to listen to it has no problem playing it in his/her system.

And without further ado, here you have the patch to do what you want with it:

Generative Patch #21 (Follow that Rythm!) [Josep - 24.03.19].vcv (45.0 KB)

Hi @Omri_Cohen … I was just writing my post when i got yours :sweat_smile:

Your suggestion about KoralFX sequencer looks quite promising, and probably is the module i was looking for … I will spend the whole afternoon with it (+your second suggestion too), and see what i can get from all this.

Thanks a lot for your help! :hugs:

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You have so many things to look at now that you may not need these but here are tutorials for the Bidoo moduls and the Impromptu module.


When someone is avid to learn and understand something, nothing is too much @cyball, as everything is done with passion, and passion has no limit :blush: … So don’t hesitate in sending anything you can consider it may be of help for me! :+1:

Thanks a lot for the videos, it seems i’ll have some work this afternoon with them + @Omri_Cohen suggestions. :wink:


No worries :slight_smile: Let me know how it went!