How to load DX7 sysex files into Dexter?

hello, does anybody know how i could load sysex/bank files from dx7 into dexter? I miss a menu entry for that, or overlooked?

Thanks Karl


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Hi, thank you very much for the clarification. today i managed it to successfully compile and run Dexed. i could import the rombank with the steeldrum and sound works. Very good. as far as i understand, now i have to “connect” dexed with vcvrack. Because i`m a newbee, do you know a simple solution for this? Midi? embedding in VCV?

when you have a vst of Dexed you could use the payed VCV host module inside VCV

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If you are only interested in the steeldrum, here I made a steeldrum using a polyphonic FM voice in vcv :

Just import the selection below : (put this file in C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Rack2\selections

Steeldrum - 28042023.vcvs (5.8 KB)

And play a bit with the settings.

EDIT , and here is a preset for Opulus from Vult :

Steeldrum.vcvm (7.1 KB)


thank you very much for your answer. Works!

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