How to limit S&H output to specific range

What is the best way to force my S&H output to sit in a specific range (like a single octave, say c4-c5)? I know I can use a quantizer that has octave shift, but I’m looking more to squeeze everything into an octave range, not shift everything. Attenuators only seem to bring it down into the lower ranges. I suppose I could use an attenuator to bring it into lower octaves and then shift it up? Is there a better way? Thx


Yes, you can use something like the Dual Attenuverter from Befaco to attenuate AND offset the signal so you can fine-tune exactly the range you want. You can also use Fence from Orange Line to select a specific range of notes, which might be more suitable for your needs.


Or there’s this one that has the “Scale” knob built in, which is used to set the output volts.


There is also Vult leakage, that does S&H and attenuate in just one module, and you can set the range


And the new Kid on the Rack:

Also with builtin Level and Offset

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