How to keep an old and an updating version of a plugin

Replying to this comment, but it might be useful for others in the same situation as well.

So the problem is that a plugin you’ve used got breaking changes which messed up how previous patches sound. If you stay on the old version you get to keep your patches, but you miss future updates, if you update to the new version you essentially lose your patches.

Depending on what has been changed in the new version you might only need to turn a few knobs or repatch some cables, in other cases you cannot get the same patch again no matter what you try.

Here is a work-around for the latter case to have both plugin versions at once:

  • get a build for the previous version
  • copy and rename its folder (add “_old” at the end for example)
  • edit the plugin.json file inside it by changing the slug field similarly
  • rename every occurence of this slug in your old patch files

Now your old patches are “frozen in time”, and you can also update to the latest version of the plugin without messing with them.

The downside is that you will have 2 instances of the plugin in your module browser. You could change the name field inside the plugin.json to easily identify which version the modules belong to when you hover them in the browser. As of now, Rack will place the recently updated plugins to the front in searches etc, so at least you’ll know the old ones are at the back.

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