How to get rid of whitelist for plugin

I was having trouble developing a new module because it wouldn’t appear in the module browser.

I discovered the reason was that I had a whitelist in my settings file for the plugin, and because it’s a whitelist, the new module wasn’t on it. But removing the whitelist didn’t help, because Rack kept putting it back in, presumably from my subscription.

As far as I can see, you can’t clear the whitelist from the module pages in the library. Even if you click Add All to have all the plugins, you still have a whitelist.

I had to go to the plugins page in the library and I did remove all, add all there and that seems to have sorted it.

I too have trouble testing a new module from a plugin I already subscribed to. Tried so far:

  • put new .vcvplugin in VCV Program Folder, file is trusted, started as admin: nothing happens
  • changed folder with new uncompressed plugin-folder: new version shows up, but not the new module
  • unsubscribed, added all: Nope
  • Found a line, where the brand was mentioned in settings.json, set value to true: Nope

Any Ideas? Why is this a whitelist and not a blacklist???

I think it gets down to what is the feature supposed to do? Allow you to see all the module except ones you explicitly don’t want? Or let you see only the ones you explicitly do want? (unless you don’t do anything module specific, then of course you should see all). [ there is a long thread on this from yesterday, I think? ]

Also, I think you mean “allow list” and “forbid list”?


I won’t refer to the above mentioned names as long as these are not part of the settings.json. If you would like to change it, please contact VCV Support. Just because google is using “Blocklist” now for a word that originates in Lists written with coal in the 16th Century doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is aware of your cultural war in the US and has to agree to your new coloring of Yin and Yang.

This was the thread popping up when searching for “whitelist”, but I will have a search for the discussion you mentioned. As for the *-List: What is the reason for this List? I think this is new in VCV2. In V1 I could exchange a folder for a nightly or beta build an the modules showed up. Is this because you can now subscribe on a per-module-basis? Then there should be a way to ignore plugins with a build higher than that of the library and ignore the *-List in that case.

Funny Footnote: I was trying to test a new module from robert based on your kitchen sink and could not get it installed. Help would have been appreciated.

yes, I see that term is used by VCV, got it.

I’m not super up on that feature, but like I’ve said a few time - the intention is to allow something other than “all the module from so-and-so” vs “none of the modules from so-and-so”. I don’t have any particular feelings about this feature, and all I know of it is the many times I have seen people in the past ask for more control. So I assume this new thing intends to address that issue.

I think I understand what you mean by “Lists written with coal in the 16th Century doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is aware of your cultural war in the US and has to agree to your new coloring of Yin and Yang”. You probably do not agree with the code of conduct for this forum, either. As one who has been threatened with perma ban more than once, I can understand your confusion.

I don’t think you’re seeing the same problem I was posting about. In my whitelist I could see all my subscribed plugins listed with true; except for the problem plugin which instead had a list of modules modules. My new module was not in that list, so I couldn’t see it.

If the module you need just says true, then all the plugins should be visible.

However I will say that using the add all button didn’t help me to sort the problem. I had to go to the plugins page and then unsubscribe/subscribe.