How to do polyphonic stereo?

Blamsoft XFX-Wav VCO – for instance – has a stereo output; you use the ‘density’ and ‘spread’ knobs to add copies of the oscillator and spread them across the stereo field. It has 2 polyphonic outputs.

Is there a mixer that can take the two polyphonic outputs and make a stereo pair from them?

For monophonic mixers, I end up using 2 VCV Split modules and for each voice, connect it to 2 mono input channels. It’s a way to quickly run out of mixer inputs!

In other words, I know the brute force way to solve the problem, just wondering if there’s something simpler I missed.

The surgerack effecfs all have the shape from polyphonic stereo pair to monophonic stereo pair. I don’t know if that helps but it seems to do what you want just with effects in the way. The eq is a pretty neutral effect.

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mix4 mix8 and mix16 are poly if you insert in chan 1 LEFT
you can use 2 of them

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Yeah the paired mixer solution keeps ending up in my rack. I’m thinking about a simple poly stereo line mixer type unit … is there one already out there though?

in version 1.0.1 mix4 8 and 16 are POLY STEREO

POLY LEFT in chan 1 L
POLY RIGHT in chan 1 R


Here’s a previous discussion about that.