How I use the Expert Sleepers ES-9

Integrating VCV Rack and Eurorack with ES-9



Good video Paul, very informative, thanks!


You the man Paul! Thank you!

Sorry my voice is a bit wonky in spots.

Thanks Adi!

Thanks for sharing this around in other threads Lars


Indispensable pour le mixte hardware / software. Merci Paul :slightly_smiling_face:

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No worries Marc :slight_smile:

edit: that can mean “You’re welcome” in Australian :wink:

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you answered some question i didn’t know i had, good video. do you happen to know any DIY alternatives?

I don’t know details of any but a search of might give you something.

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There’s not really any alternatives to Expert Sleepers even from other manufacturers. I’ve often found that a bit strange actually… The ES modules are very popular so it’s a little surprising that no-one is competing with them. Perhaps Os from Expert Sleepers puts competitors to sleep expertly… :slight_smile:


Probably because he’s a wizzard and something like the ES-9 is actually very complicated to make and get right. Just guessing…

Excellent video mate, thank you. The bit about the bug work around was especially helpful for me as I was going out of my tiny mind trying to figure out why my new ES-5 was doing really odd things.

Thanks for letting me know. Great to hear it helped :slight_smile:

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