How frequently do you use selections?

How often do you use selections for saving/loading reuseabe groups of modules?

Do you see selections as a handy tool?

Do you prefer Stoermelder Strip over selections?

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I use it maybe 33% of the times (I mean in 1/3 of my patches roughly). Usually I add AUX Expander with Plateau already connected and set. Or something like Mid\Side to Stereo module with stuff already connected. It’s not like I am buying a lot of time with that, but it’s pretty convenient. I think it’s easier and faster than using the Stoermelder Strip thingie, also it drops the modules just how you saved them, like 3 lines of stuff or something. So I use Strip only to bypass a chain of modules… Or to switch off some chains if I am running out of CPU when recording and it’s like recording for 4 hours with all the modules enabled.

I never used selections save or load and I just deleted Stoermelder from my library because lack of use, I guess those features are amazing for producers, I m just enjoy making patchs

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I use Rack selections occasionally and plan to use them more for finished voices, and I do find them handy.

I use them quite often. I have a whole library of “presets” that I can load and use inside a patch. I don’t use Strip so often though since all of the modules have to be next to each other in one row. That said, the Strip module will also save Midi mappings with the Strip++ so it’s handy with something like PatchMaster.

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I agree with this comment. I deleted Strip (although I kept the Stoermelder plugin for other goodies). And I use the VCV selections rarely. Only to share some module-combination with someone.

But I totally see the advantage and importance of “selections” for producers, professional music makers, and even developers sharing some examples.

Let me also add that the selection management in VCV is rather impractical.

  • You can load “selections” from the File menu.
  • However you can save “selections” from right-clicking the selected modules.

I think the reload function should be available in the VCV Library Module Browser. (By the way that is also available by mouse-right click.)



Almost every patch. I have quite a few saved, and it’s really useful to just drop them in and save time. For example, I have a click-free looping selection, and a 16 channel poly sample and hold which I’ve been using a lot. I think it’s a great feature!

I use selections on a daily basis, if not in every patch I create. It is certainly not perfect and is counterintuitive, but it gets the job done.

But, I do have to go looking for the selection in the patch after I load it. I wish it would insert it at the last position in the rack where I clicked. Actually, I wish all such edit functions would do that

Of course there may be some rational tricks that I do not know about :wink:


If you right-click on one of my (Ahornberg) modules, there’s an item Import selection. It shows all selections stored in the directory Rack2/selections. The choosen selection will be inserted right beneath the module.


Ugh. This is cool.

(Edit: I even sent a mail to requesting this menu option by default. I like your solution that much.)

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Cool! Thanks.

Using selections more often now. Agreed, it would be nice to have them listed in the library as well.

All the time. I have a lot of weirdly convoluted modulation thingies like poly LFOs FM modulating the next one in a circle manner that I am glad I can import and don’t have to do over from scratch again ! It is a way to extend the library with my own ideas without having to learn to code ! I agree that import and save not being in the same place is weird, but I don’t care. Plus it is ideal to share small parts of a patch that are meant to be integrated to other stuffs.


Never. But I should.

I have a few that I use a lot. Very handy for plugging in predesigned instruments.

I’ve made a whole library for some fx and some synth voices,
I use these sometimes,

but I really would like to have a brand/or tag in the browser for the selections.
to load them more easily.


I use Selections and Strip, as well as Presets. They enable me to save instruments / sounds that I can combine in a new patch.

I sometimes hear a nice sound in someone else’s patch and save those modules as a selection, then add Midi>CV so I can play the sound with a keyboard.


I added this module to my permarack. Super handy, thanks!

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In addition to the Ahornberg modules solution, there is also STRIP++ from Stoermelder.

It was originally developed to support parameter mappings for things like PatchMaster and others.

But a feature has been added to provide a preview of the the selection, allowing you to position the selection before you click the mouse to lock it in place.