How do I use Reaper's automation to control Rack?

I’m a bit stumped, I want to create some automation in Reaper and control something in Rack vst. I see Rack has some parameters to modulate but they are unassigned and I can’t find any way to assign them to anything. What am I missing?

Hi! You will have to click the parameter you want to control in VCV, and then, under the Param menu, you can choose to show the track envelope. It will open an envelope dedicated to the parameter you chose, and then you can just go ahead and edit the automation.

Let me know if that works :slight_smile:

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Hi Onmi, thanks for the help! The problem is that for me Last Touched shows Reserved so it doesn’t do anything when I automate it in the track envelope. I’m even more confused now that yours shows the parameter. Maybe it’s an issue with the linux version.

Ah I’ve got it, thanks to this post:

Thank you @attheleash and @Omri_Cohen

Yeah, it’s better just to click on it without moving anything

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