How can we pass midi to midi in VCV rack?

Hi How can we pass midi to midi in VCV rack? i.e Take midi from one interface to a different midi interface untouched? Like a core module “VCV MIDI-MIDI”


I’m actually working on a module to enable MIDI out from the VST Host module.

What exactly is your use case? Do you want something like a “MIDI-through”?

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Want to use Numerology from Five12 within the host module…

Basically this is possible. My approach uses a special VST that encodes MIDI over audio to send it from the Host module into the Rack, and then there’s a module that decodes the signal back to MIDI to be accessible by standard MIDI input modules in the Rack.

The only drawback actually is, that I don’t own a Mac to compile the VST for Mac users, and afaik Numerology is Mac only.

Lots of VCV users will have USB/midi controllers and need to pipe them directly to midi devices outside of VCV rack. I would happily pay for it. Knocked up a graphic to demonstrate:

I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge in this area, but what does VCV add to this solution other than latency. A quick google shows hardware and cables that can handle a pass-through from usb/midi to standard midi interface. I’m sure that I don’t understand the use case here.

I could be wrong but you can’t just wire a USB midi controller into a 5 pin din midi socket, USB only midi controllers mean your music software/drivers need to map it, a basic sort of function since the beginning of midi sequencing. I’m not knocking VCV I appreciate the beautiful ethos of VCV being a standalone, CV biased device emulator not a midi sequencer!

Just seems like I am missing an obvious solution?

So, try this one…

Release Nightly · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone (

Installing & Running — VCV Rack documentation


When is this officially coming out? Its not in the main library as far as I know

Don’t know yet, maybe within Feburary.

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Hi I tried to install the win zip from 02052021, but MIDI-Plug is not in the set?

Did you update the plugins in the menu afterwards? Can you install it again manually?

Yes I did. I solved the problem with unscribing to stoermelder in the catalogue. Then I deleted the stoermelder folder in plugins_v* Then I copied the zip file to plugins_v* And now its installed correctly.

thanx for your work on the plugins!

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Brilliant work Ben, better than I expected! Thanks

For second I thought I was gonna have to go back to the frustration of using a traditional “modern” sequencer with all its lanes and drawing :wink:

You‘re welcome!
I had actually a similar use-case: I like to keep everything inside VCV Rack too and needed to connect a USB MIDI controller to a hardware synth also connected with USB MIDI. Sure, it can be accomplished with any DAW or using MIDI-CV and CV-MIDI modules, but I think it was time for a cleaner solution.