How can I write to WRITE SEQ 32 with QWERTY Keyboard?

Hi How can I insert the correct notes into Impromptu Write SEQ with the PC keyboard?

thanx for help thomas

I know how to play notes. But I dont know how to get them into Write Seq 32-64. Nothing happens if I connect Midi Cv to it.

Wrong Seq but maybe it gives you a clue.

And there is this :

May not look this way , but I’m trying to help, try it like this :

Click run (on the seq) and type the notes. Then go to run for playback.

The clock is used for playback.

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One more important detail is that the Run button on the sequencer has to be off.

Another way of programming the sequencer by typing notes on the keyboard is to not use a clock, so that we can take our time in between each note, like this:

In the picture above, I have AUTOSTEP turned off, so each note is written into the current step, but with AUTOSTEP turned on, it will move to the next step on each write.

Here’s more info also:


Thanx My mistake was the missing patch to the write pin. Without, nothing happens by pressing a key.