How can i trig a sequencer with MIDI keyboard changing the pitch accordingly

A bow to you all VCV Rack Masters!

I have a difficult question for me but surely a peace of cake for you :sweat_smile:

I would like to know if it’s possible to trig (for the ‘how’, if it is possible, see below) a VCV Rack sequencer with the MIDI keyboard and that that sequence would change the pitch accordingly to the key presed.


I don’t want a complete patch, but just the modules needed and a kind of schematics like those @Iomono wrote down in my post “Blamsoft XFX Wave: Can i connect a MIDI keyboard to it?” … I think you’ll know already that challenge is the only way to truly learn what one is doing (of course! … that and asking to those who know when one is trapped in a dead end like now! :wink:) … So i hope you’ll be able to refrain your egos and respect my decision :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks a lot in advance!

You could use a quantizer with a Transpose input, for example Quantum from ML_modules:

MIDI keyboard -> MIDI-1 CV -> Quantum Transpose.

(I can post a patch if you like, but you said not to. :slight_smile: )

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Oh no! … just tell me a word and my soul will be saved :sweat_smile:

But you could tell me what modules and where they are connected one each other like @Iomono made in my other post, and i will do the rest


You can use a simple chain like
MIDI pitch—>wave---->VCA in
MIDI gate---->adsr—>VCA Lin In
Then the VCA out—>Audio core


Sequencer V/Oct output -> Quantum ‘In’
MIDI-1 CV output -> Quantum ‘Transpose’
Quantum ‘Out’ -> Oscillator

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Thank a lot Richie! :+1: … I have to leave now, but I’m taking my Wacom with me, so I’ll try where I’m going now … I’ll let you know my success or my failure when I come back (i will not have internet there)

‘See’ you later!

Happy New Year @Richie! :clinking_glasses:

I tried your solution, but as Quantum is a quantizer it depends on the notes you turn on in it to quantize, which unfortunately perverts the sequence depending on the key you push in the MIDI keyboard (or maybe it’s only that i did not know how to use the quantizer :thinking:) … Anyway, after thousand tries without success, today i’ve found finally this video by bliffton1 (the person behind mscHack?) on YouTube that is exactly what i would like to do, but substituting mscHack Seq Triad 2 by a real MIDI keyboard and mscHack OSC 3 Channel by Blamsoft XFX Wave

NOTE#1: I’ve made a slight modification to the patch by redirecting CV output in the sequencer to V/Oct Offset in the Seq Triad 2 so i can use also the sequence’s pitches (the 5 knobs beside CV output in the sequencer, each one controlling the pitch of the assigned color)

So after some tries just few minutes ago:

Problem #1: I don’t know how to substitute the real MIDI keyboard by mscHack Seq Triad 2 … I’ve tried and it triggers the sequence (with the limitation in Problem #2) but i did not accomplished that it changes the pitch of the sequence as mscHack OSC 3 Channel do (it sounds always the same note no matter what key you press in the MIDI keyboard)

NOTE#2: the module chain is the one that @Iomono suggested me in the “Blamsoft XFX Wave: Can i connect a MIDI keyboard to it? ” (see the 1 voice patch i posted there)

Problem #2: XFX Wave has only a 1 V/Oct input, so no trigger input like mscHack OSC 3 Channel, which makes it sound continuously, even when the note in the sequence is blank … I know that probably this can be accomplished by adding some modules to the chain, but i’m a just 2 months beginner and i don’t know how :cry:

So, any help anyone? (and let me repeat again that i’m not asking for a complete patch, but just for some explanations/schematics as a guide on how to do it, as it is challenge for me)… Thanks in advance!

OK! … After 2 hours or so patching and unpatching, i succeed in building EXACTLY what i wonted! … A sequencer triggered by a MIDI keyboard, re-triggering the sequence each time a key is pressed and changing the pitch accordingly + this multiplied by 6 sequencers, 16 different patterns each + 8*3 different patterns in the Seq Triad 2 !!! … and if you own Blamsoft XFX Wave you can imagine what you can do with all that!

So this is my first real patch which makes me really happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sweat_smile:
Thanks a lot to @Iomono and @Richie for their invaluable help + bliffton1 for the modules! :clap:

Here’s the patch (with mscHack OSC 3 Channel): My first Synth (Sequencer) [Josep].vcv (94.0 KB)

NOTES for beginners like me:

  • I’m not very good with sequences yet, so the sequence is blank :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so keep in mind that the patch will not generate any sound until you create one. To create a sequence you can create your own or generate one randomly by clicking the ‘Rand’ button. To give the pitch to each color-step you have to tweak the respective color knobs.

  • I still don’t have very clear, which is what the orange key that we can select on the Seq Triad 2 virtual keyboard indicates :thinking:. I think it points to the root note of the sequence but I don’t know … maybe someone here can throw a little light about it. The octaves can be selected with the ‘Oct’ button (5 octaves)

A NOTE for those who may modify the patch to make it even better:

  • Be kind and share any modification with us, please! :pray: … Think that many people here want to learn.

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