Blamsoft XFX Wave: Can i connect a MIDI keyboard to it?


After having watched the video XFX Wave pour VCV Rack by Olivier Dahan and VCV Rack- XFX Wave & XFX Reverb in Series by jph wacheski … i wanted to use XFX Wave as ‘standalone synthesizer’ and experiment with it to create sounds, unfortunately it doesn’t have a gate input, so although i can use the keyboard to change the pitch it sounds continuously.

So, me being a beginner, i would like to ask the VCV Rack Masters if there’s some way i can do that by using other modules together with XFX Waves

Thanks in advance!

You can use a simple chain like
MIDI pitch—>wave---->VCA in
MIDI gate---->adsr—>VCA Lin In
Then the VCA out—> Audio core
And maybe, if your keyboard can handle this, you Can use the midi cc module for mapping various parameters


Thanks a lot for the quick answer Iomono! :+1: … I’m going to try it right now … I’ll tell you how it went!

EDIT: You literally made my day, Iomo! I’m really, really happy! :star_struck:

Here is the patch that I have made in case you want to make any suggestions to improve it:

Going to check CC now, as i have a Novation Impulse61 Keyboard

EDIT2: Oh how i wish that next VCV Rack incarnation, that is: v2, includes polyphony in it!!! :drooling_face:
EDIT3: Oh what a wonderful synth on its own is XFX Wave!! :drooling_face: … Who needs Xfer Serum ($189) or Arturia Pigments (149€), or any other wave table synth when you can have the same with XFX Wave ($30) + all the FREE power of VCV Rack?! … So thanks a lot Blamsoft + VCV Rack! :clap:


Hey i’m really happy for you! For polyphony (4 voices) You should use midi4 and 4 xfx wave and 4 adsr and finally a mixer
MIDI 4 pitch—> xfx wave x4----->quadvca
MIDI 4 gates—>adsr x4----->Lin in of the quad vca
Then the mix output into the audio core

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I think i’m going to explode of happiness today thanks to you Iomono!!! :joy: :sweat_smile:

Here is my new patch, 4 ADSRs + 4 XFX Waves … Incredible power already without any further modules! :heart_eyes: … Can you imagine if we start adding other modules? :drooling_face: … “Serum?, what Serum? … Pigments?, what Pigments? … I have VCV Rack + XFX Wave, there’s no need at all for expensive Toy Synths!:joy:

I invite you to a virtual beer (or a juice) :beer: … Thank you very very much Iomono!


My pleasure josep! You should try plateau from at the end of the chain! Sounds beautiful. Also the dual delay from MSM


Yes, i originally used XFX Reverb + AS DelayPlus Stereo FX, but now I’m using a multi-effect VST called HY-MBMFX2 by HY-Plugins (only $48), thanks to the wonderful VCV Host-FX … But you’re right, all the modules we’re talking about are very good, only that this one gives me much more power, because i can combine several effects into one to build a ‘sonic storm’ :sweat_smile:.

BTW, i am thinking about developing further the ideas we’ve been talking here to build a pretty nice synth … Not a bad idea don’t you think?! :wink:

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Thanks for helping out with the patch.