HOST bug


I experienced two crashes while using Vcv in Ableton and in both patches I had HOST and Audible instruments elements as source of sound. After the crash Ableton seems it cant find vcv anymore.

Anyone using Host in rack as well? Rhat could tell me if they have the same issue?

You mean host inside of vcv inside Ableton? I think I have seen reports of problems triple nesting like this.


Yeah While u just mention nestin, Im using Sugar Bytes Nest and it has the option to host vst as well, works perfectly and smoothly

Oh, I agree it should work. Just wanted to clarify what doesn’t work for you.

I reported this yesterday to the Host dev, @Richie. Bitwig and Live won’t open the VST if there is a Host module in my template. Using standalone, if there is a Host module in my patch and I restart then Rack reports that it crashed last time it quit.


Since the Host modules were installed this:

VCV Rack 2 Pro was terminated unexpectedly

Comes nearly every time Rack is normally closed. Also the warning about a crash when started again.

OSX 10.13.6

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If I have a HOST in standalone Rack V2, Rack crashes on exit, always. Of course I don’t see this until I launch Rack the next time. HOST seems to be working fine until I close Rack. I have not tried in the Rack VST in Ableton 11. I am on Windows 11.

Same here on linux, support notified.

Yes, the thing is just not stable enough.

I cant even open ableton anymore now while I have vcv just installed.


Wasn’t there an official gub tracker/submission system ? I fail to find that atm though as well… (as I have another issue I could post…) Cheers. c.

Email now: VCV - Support

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Yep, I’m having this same issue on Windows 11 with both Bitwig and Ableton. If I try to save with Host in a Rack VST patch then it crashes. I’ll be watching this topic with interest.

already known, no need to report again

Yeah. But otherwise works like a charm without the Host inside the patch , in Daw of course. Well done. If this could be fixed in the next few releases id be happy enough. Just a tiny bugs. Well worth the spending on this.


Host just updated through the library

This should now be fixed - please update VCV-Host and let me know (via so that it gets a support ticket) if it’s still causing problems.


The crash on shutdown when using host looks fixed for me (Windows) Thanks!

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Sorted :slight_smile: (linux)

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It is fixed for me under Windows. Thanks! I’m a big Host fan and user.