HetrickCV Announcements Thread

Hey everyone, I just published HetrickCV 1.1.0 and sent a pull request to the library:

This adds one new module (Min-Max). I also received community contribution patches to make Waveshaper polyphonic and to boost the amplitude of the outputs for Random Gates.


Got HetrickCV 2.0.0 compiling for Rack 2. Only new one in the image above is Binary Gate, but there will be a ton more ready for the 2.0 rollout. Very excited for this!



Shiny! I really like the new 3D-look.

Thank you :+1:


Did you make your own knobs or are those from fundamental?

They’re all standard VCV parts (Davies1900hBlackKnob to be specific… All the HetrickCV stuff is open-source if you want to find any of the other components, too!).

We did custom knobs for the Unfiltered Audio stuff that changed color depending on whether the black or silver panel is selected, so I’m deciding what to do for Rack 2 since the new widgets look so sharp.


doh! didn’t even think about looking at the source. I am glad to see using the standard parts library doesn’t look out of place, at least on this collection. I’m still worried that this will cause an awkward visual divide between modules that learn into the skeuomorphism and those that don’t, but this makes me think I’d overblown the issue in my mind.

There’s a chance that those particular SVGs haven’t been updated yet, though. Here’s a side-by-side ultrazoom of an updated HetrickCV module next to an updated Unfiltered Audio module.


I by no means want you to take the following as criticism of your work- it’s just of 2.0: The knob on Compare really doesn’t feel like it’s in the same space as the reflective knob on Pitch Delay. The jacks and knobs in general look better, but I just feel like I could reach out and grab those smaller and reflective knobs, while the big un’ on compare feels flatter. I’m trying to think about how I’m going to reconcile this on my own modules as well, which is a bit more complicated as my SVGs are a bit on the complex side.

No criticism taken! I messaged Andrew to see if the Davies knob will be updated. If not, I’ll pick a different knob for HetrickCV. I pushed a big commit last night to start transitioning all the HCV stuff in a system similar to what we use for the Unfiltered modules. I want to keep the HCV stuff relatively easy to read and understand, but ultimately this will help me stay up-to-date with Rack changes.

Here’s a preview of two more modules that I added last night.


I’m about to go on vacation for a few days, but I want to share the most recent build. Tons of new modules have been ported from Euro Reakt and SuperCollider. I plan on getting more done before the Rack 2 release.

Current Changelog:

  • Add 1-Op Chaos module.

  • Add 2-Op Chaos module.

  • Add 3-Op Chaos module.

  • Add Binary Gate module.

  • Add Binary Noise module.

  • Add Chaotic Attractors module.

  • Add Feedback Sine Chaos module.

  • Add Gingerbread Chaos module.

  • Add Mid/Side module.

  • Add Rungler module.

  • Add XY<->Polar module.

  • Add Gamma DSP library requirement. This is an excellent DSP library by Lance Putnam, a former colleague from grad school. We use this library as the foundation for Unfiltered Audio’s DSP.

  • Resaved all panels with Effra typeface instead of Gibson (very similar, but o and p rendering is fixed on export). Redid all panels in Affinity Designer instead of Adobe Illustrator.

  • Fixed missing knob parameter names.

  • Add bypass behavior to all effects.

Current builds:


ooh pretty

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Looks and works great on my Mac. Thanks!! Have a nice vacation!

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this is fantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaastic

Have a great vacation! You deserve one just based on this release :slight_smile:

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WOW - this looks absolutely incredible. Serious thanks for all the wonderful work you’re doing.

I’m a bit too much of a luddite to build from the github direct, but SO excited to dive in with the updated strange attractors and chaos modules - look out cybernetics/Roland Kayn!

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Thanks! At the bottom of the page I linked to are builds for each operating system. I think you need to be signed into GitHub though.

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d’oh! right in front of me the whole time - signing in did the trick/many thanks from a github luddite :upside_down_face:

Newest builds for today’s Rack 2 update


New builds up. I added a Clocked Random module. It’s similar to the chaos modules but it uses various flavors of noise instead:

EDIT: Quick update. Generation modes weren’t changing until new samples were generated.