Help on building KoralFX for V2

Hello, Sorry if it is a real noob question, but I tried to compile KoralFX modules for V2 and I have this error message (but maybe the sources have to be updated to compile for V2 ?) :

jq: error: Could not open file plugin.json: No such file or directory
jq: error: Could not open file plugin.json: No such file or directory
/home/jean-martin/sources/Rack-SDK/ *** SLUG could not be found in manifest.  Stop.

sounds like the path to the SDK isn’t right? But you know that you will probably need to do some porting to get those 1.0 plugins to work in 2.0?

No, very little needs to change for them to build. Seems crazy to me, but it was true if my memory serves.

Well, at least the json manifest needs to be updated :wink:

Yeah of course. But I think three digits can considered “very little” can’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: Although come to think of it that first number is a MAJOR version number so maybe not so little……

I added the export RACK_DIR to the correct path, end then :slight_smile:

$ make dep
Makefile:2: *** missing separator.  Stop.

Hang in there, let me remind myself what was involved.

Oh and what platform are you on?

I don’t think koralfx require make dep?

I suspect that error means your path is not correct.

To get it to build I had to remove

#include “app.hpp”

from KoralFXComponenents.hpp and Presetovnik.cpp

Usually path for the easiest is build is to have the downloaded RackSDK folder and create a plugins folder inside that. Clone the KoralFX repo inside that plugins folder and then change Version to “2.0.0” in plugin.json and remove the two lines mentioned, then you should have a working plugin.

Hope this helps.

The error the guy got was from make, not from gcc. So you got farther. Did you need to make dep?

Yep, so I was helping him get farther. No make dep needed but if that is broke, suggests that the Makefile is not finding the SDK.

Ok, yes. That wasn’t completely clear. Also, I think technically it is not allowed to include app.hpp by itself. Don’t know if that’s related.

Maybe original poster should try to make a plugin that is known to work with v2 before trying porting?

KoralFX is known to work. I can see it in my Rack.

And yes - cannot include app.hpp any more so that is why I said the user needed to delete it if they wanted it to build.

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How is koralfx in the library? Is there a v 2 branch already that isn’t the default?

No. But I’ve built it, so it’s working with three lines of code changed.

Oh, sorry. I thought you meant you got it from the library.


From what people have said a large number of plugins work by simply changing a number. I don’t know it if it’s sensible to say that someone needs to learn programming and make their own module to attempt porting.