Having issues opening patches saved on other computers

Hi all,

Someone asked me about an issue he has and I thought I will try asking here, maybe you can help. Basically, he’s using VCV Rack with his students and they have a problem opening patches that were saved on other computers. Here is what he wrote to me:

"I have a technical question that I hoped you might be able to give me at least a lead. It’s about downloading VCV Rack patches created on a different computer than my own. My students and I don’t manage to open patches that are sent from other computers (while I manage to open all of the patches I create on my computer). Actually I also tried to open your patch posted today, of the Halloween video and the same message appears, which says: “Rack’s resource directory “n_0-320751/res” does not exist. Make sure Rack is correctly installed and launched.”

They all have the latest version of VCV, and they have both PC and MACs.

What can this be?


Hi Omri,

I would check the file path format. There are 2 main path formats:

  • the classic format with drive:dir\file (like C:\MyFolder\MyFile.vcv)

  • the UNC format with \machine\foldername\filename (like \\TeachersPC\Patchfolder\Patch.vcv)

see: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/standard/io/file-path-formats

There are Windows Apps/Programs that could not handle UNC file pathes. It’s possible that VCV Rack is one of them. This is just an idea where I would check first.

Best regards Remo

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If you’re opening the patches by double-clicking the patch file, instead try opening them from within a running Rack via File / Open.


AFAIK it’s the same issue other Mac users stumbled into. This topic includes different solutions:

Please check (or point that person to) that topic (we’ll probably end up merging this topic with it).


Thank you all, I will send it to him and hopefully, it will work…

Yeah, opening the patches from VCv itself did the trick :slight_smile: Thanks again!