Handling threads about integrating VCV Rack with a DAW

There are many posts on this forum asking about most permutations of [sending/receiving] [audio/MIDI/transport] between VCV Rack and [Ableton Live/Logic/Pro Tools/Cubase/Reason/Studio One/etc]. What do you think should be done with them?

  • They are helpful. Moderators should allow and ignore the thread.
  • They are annoying. Moderators should lock and archive the thread.

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I suggest a pinned FAQ here:


It could link to https://vcvrack.com/manual/FAQ#is-vcv-rack-available-as-a-vst-au-aax-plugin-for-daws


It’d be unfair to lock the threads when we’re all waiting for the official solution to be released. “Just wait for the official release (ETA unknown) to use these toys” is not a satisfactory answer!

For the specific case I personally care about, every single solution comes with complex workflow/performance/annoyance trade-offs. I bet every other permutation of software and OS comes with a lot of caveats and workflow tricks worth documenting. If we don’t have a satisfactory resource with reliable info for most setups to offer, locking the threads would send an arrogant message.


Second this suggestion, do not find me in the upper options.

Since I use a lot of programming softwares (Csound, Pure Data, Open Music, Chuck, KeyKit, Super Collider to name the most frequent ones), Voltage Modular and Cubase…all problems and/or solutions shall be look at…I use Rack also, indeed.

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Option 3: Moderators are helpful, they should still explain what’s going on. Courtesy is always repaid, and the image of VCV can only benefit.

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@Vortico i understand you do not personally wish to deal with support questions like that, and that is fair enough. but there are other people who are happy to help and share what works for them. if the moderators here are okay with streamlining the process (maybe redirect such questions to one topic per daw), then i think it would be helpful. users can exchange tips and experiences without it becoming a burden for vcv rack itself, with the understanding it is not officially supported (yet).


Thanks to everyone who voted. Based on the results of this poll, threads about integrating VCV Rack with a DAW will be allowed in #rack.