glasspipe79's VCV Rack-ing

Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting this thread. I’ll be sharing my patches here. I’ve been using VCV rack since it came out and it’s so cool to see all the changes it has gone through! I come and go, but whenever I come back I see how VCV has grown and it has come a long way since it first came out. VCV is a work of art with such a great community. To the devs: I am amazed at how you come up with all these modules, the passion and ingenuity are second to none. Thank you again for all your hard work…


Really nice vibe! For my taste, the raspy bass note that fades in and out doesn’t quite fit the vibe, maybe try smoothing it off? Just a suggestion, not trying to piss on your chips. Digging it though :+1:

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I never really used the segment generator. I’ll definitely use it more now. :slight_smile:


This is really relaxing, I love it

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You have some really nice pieces here! It’s a shame about the abrupt beginnings and endings though, and most of them should be much longer. I would really encourage you to take them more seriously, they could be developed into something really nice.

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Hi Lars,

Thanks! I’m still a bit new with editing videos and have a lot to learn. I’ll also work on hooking up my controller so I can give more of a performance instead of just letting the patch play. Thanks for listening!

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Nysthi is a fixture in my library, but always found it quite esoteric. I wanted to challenge myself and see what I could come up with.


That’s very cool, sounds great with lots of mysterious sounds and movements, I like it!

Yeah, NYSTHI is great and I always want to use them more. If only I could read half of them and understand what they do :slight_smile:

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I’m always here ready to do FREE lessons… :smiley:


Raelly? :wink:

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Hi Antonio,

I got a question. What are these inputs?


I tried putting lfo’s but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. most probably I’m doing something wrong. :sweat_smile:


those are 3 linear FM input of course you won’t ear anything if you don’t opne the VCA (knob on top of the 3) or you use a modulator in the CV input just under the “LFM” text

of course if you use a TZOP or another µOP and you put on the right of the CARRIER you don’t need cabling, but just opening the VCA

why 3 ? because it’s easy to repro the DX21 DX27 tx81z algorithms

here 2 µOP in CARRIER-MOD configuration and LFO CV in LFM

here in separate configuration with the output of the modulator connected with green cable to the Linear input 3 (and always modulated byt the LFO, red cable)


Got it, thanks!

More VCV 2 rack-ing!! :smiley:


Wonderful, love it!

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Weekend drone…

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An ambient patch…