Getting a Strumming Effect

I’m using Chords module and I’d like to delay the outputs from 2,3 and 4 to create a strumming effect. Are there any modules that I can use to get this effect?

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Nysthi Strummer is specifically designed for that.


Tried Strummer but can’t figure it out. I have the outputs going to individual osciallators and have a clock input into the Strum Time input. But the outputs aren’t firing off.

What I really want is for the Chords module to come first and output the notes where Strummer then delays the notes to create a strum effect.

I must be missing something.

That sets the amount of time the strum takes. You need to put the clock into the orange input below “strum global”. Also remember that the length of the gate that you use as a clock delays the subsequent notes in the strum.

Making progress but now output 2 is just a sustained note. It’s not firing new notes after output 1 fires.

I’m new at this for sure. Here’s my simple patch so far if you could spot something obvious that I’m doing wrong. Thanks!

Hi Ned, I tried a sample approach at the thing, using a rig of plucks from Macro Oscillators (Braids), driven by Chords and Strummer. Hope it can help. But sorry for the lean C/G/F progression, it’s only a didascalic sketch.
Chords+Strummer.vcv (30.2 KB)

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This is great. Thanks so much. I’m unpacking it now. It’s the exact strumming effect I was trying to do. :slight_smile:

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the outputs from strummer are triggers not pitch so they need to go into the gate input. Strummer does not determine pitch.

and you need an AR after, not an ADSR (various nysthi envelope generators)

Hi @synthi, thanks for the tip… could the arrangement attached below be more appropriate? I hope it’s enough clear, because the zoomed screenshot focus on the patch for the first note of Chords only. The delayed +1 octave shifted struck note is intended to get sort of a double note, as in a mandolin or 12-strings guitar (though Chords outputs 4 notes chords, so I should say a 8-strings guitar!).

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this setup works fine (you can adjust the speed via “StrumTime”):

here is the stoermelder Strip file for this: Strip__Strummer__1.vcvss (8.1 KB)

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Could you put Chords into the default mode of mono for 1,2,3,4 and go directly into 8:1, so Split isn’t needed?

Check out Omri Cohin’s tutorial on strumming. He goes thru several techniques including Strummer.

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if someone wants the Strummer in poly mode activated via contextual menu and with reverse poly count

  • out 6 if connected will be 6 channel poly
  • out 5 if connected will be 5 channel poly
  • out 4 …

please open an issue with the feature request

(strummer is an old module from 0.6 because I never I never I never, never want to go home, because I haven’t got one, anymore (cit TIALTNGO))


I tried it, but it didn’t work right, maybe I did something wrong,

but my idea is that the 1 sample delay per module didn’t work with syncronising the triggers and the pitches.

But maybe I just did it wrong!? :thinking:

It give me the same results here? In the image the original is on top, new one below. I turned off the poly out of the second Chords.