Generative Multi Octave Quantisation

A new version of my plugin hit the library today, but I wanted to post this separately as I feel like my Nonaquant (manual) module could do with a little bit more visibility.

Here is a video of the new feature:

What’s so special about your quantiser then huh?

Glad you asked, in a nut shell, this quantiser can have a different set of notes for each of the standard 9 octaves. (I don’t know if any other modules can do this, but it doesn’t seem common).

This allows you to do such things as have a melody, bass and lead line all from a single module.

This module also has memory banks that you can change using CV, should you want to switch scales mid patch. There are also transpose options, where you can shift all the selected notes up or down.

With the new update there is also now a trigger output. Whenever a new note is selected, that channel will output a trigger. (This might not correspond to an input trigger if the input signal is still closest to the previously selected note).

On a basic level, you could use these triggers for an envelope rather than your patch master clock, that way you only trigger on new notes. (this is good for non-regular patterns, it can create a more musical feel if you tweak it right). Side note: if you wanted gates rather than triggers for that envelope, you could convert them using my Billy G8s module.

A more advanced usage might be to have multiple channels of LFOs being quantised, depending on the notes you activate, you will create different generative rhythms…

I’m sure there are a bunch more interesting ways you can use this, and I’d love to hear about them, post em below :upside_down_face:


Sounds cool Dan, will have to give it a try. Thanks!