Game mode / tutorial ?

Was thinkin’ that it would be kind of neat to play a game-mode inside VCV Rack. Maybe setup like a tutorial or a puzzle game. Basically an objective would be set and the user would need to overcome obstacles in order to progress. Would add an interesting way to get hands-on time with methods that would normally be out of your wheel-house and inspire new musical ideas.

For example:

Let’s say you start the “game” with a limited number of parts and patch cords to use. Like maybe the first objective is to set-up the audio i/o. Upon successfully completing the “level” the user is granted the next module and a few more wires and directed to work with that.

Ideally the difficulty would increase as you unlock more modules, as the patches become more complex. This is a common thing with building style video games. To expose the user to things incrementally.

obviously it wouldn’t be a small task to implement. as not only would the mechanics need to work but the puzzles would need to be written with intent.

would open the app up into the video game market anyhow.

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Interesting Idea for a Tutorial. Let’s see if there is a way to build the test out of modules too… Starting up VCV…

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I guess bare minimum would be a quest tracker lookup table to store the values for each level or quest. And a way for VCV to check if you’ve completed the correct objective and grant you the pass or fail.

I assume the level objectives could be saved as instances and shared via a website similar to the module library - and linked to your account to track progress.

The actual assignments could be a simple Note module that explains the goal and everything locked so the user couldn’t add more.

the key would be the check for done or not and track it.

I wonder if there’s currently a module that can instantiate other modules during runtime on the rack

You are way ahead :slight_smile: I just thought of a simple Patch where you can perform a little test.

Something like: Connect the ADSR to the Trigger/Gate and the Scope and match the Yellow Line. You have won this Patch, when the Meter stays green all the time.

We got stoermelder STRIP (well, unfortunately not yet), that one could load a new “level”. In addition to that there is a nightly-build from him where he had a module, that could collapse a row of modules. That way you could implement the Test. But I think that’s all for now.

It surely would be a very good way to start as a Beginner.

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Sounds like you’re looking for The Signal State on Steam :wink:

Yeah that’s what I’m thinkin’ Outstanding bud!

I mean we all could use a poke with a stick once and a while to help us seek out alternate opportunities. But imagine how helpful it would be if you could get folks who are interested but don’t see a progression path laid out beforehand.

The downside (if you can call it that) would be folks would be extremely familiar with each level as Tubers put out walkthrough videos for each stage. And it would eventually form a meta sync , when all the players use the same well known methods instead of experimenting for themselves.

But imagine how dope you would feel once you completed the game part and unlocked the full rack and unlimited features when compared to the game stages where everything is locked and on rails. the reward is the knowledge obtained not so much score points.

I like your idea about wave matching. if practiced, one could better mimic any sound by studding the signal and gain. Lots of folks always looking to learn more about dsp but you really need to turn the knobs to gain the experience required to visualize the final result.

wouldn’t want to demystify modulars too much. would be like the magician showing you how the rabbit pooped in his hat.

sigh everything’s been made already LOL

-continues working on his 3d vr version on unity-