A while ago I made a gimmicky sequential-discovery puzzle module, Puzzlebox. I’m not sure whether that was a waste of time, or if someone out there found it interesting. Either way, there is now a little walkthrough/hints section: Puzzlebox Hints. It should still be rewarding to solve, the hints keep it challenging, just less cryptic.
I’d appreciate any feedback - good or bad. Obviously VCV-Rack is for music and not errrr… gaming(?), so this could be a good containment thread for any other modules like this.


hahaha very nice :slight_smile: now I have to stop, I’ll be back in 2-3 hours…I’m just after hint 4.1

p.s. for me it was impossible to go on without hint 3.2 :broccoli:

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now I can drink my beer happily :sunglasses:


Oh nice! Congratulations!! The last step is quite a jump in difficulty - I’m really glad to see it’s worked for someone. Well earned beer!

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