Fundraiser: Mutable Instruments Shelves for VCV Rack

This fundraiser supports the development of a new VCV Rack module, Audible Instruments EQ Filter , based on Mutable Instruments Shelves.

Shelves is an all-analog 4-band parametric EQ similar to those found in console channel strips except with full CV control. You can use it for mixing/mastering or for shaping sounds in more dramatic ways.

See for more information.


Neato, off we go, funds added, looking forward to this module as well.

And thanks for the dedicated fundraiser page, @Vortico



Thanks. Let me know if I can change anything on the fundraiser page to improve transparency/clarity. The checkout system is now the same as the VCV Library, so users who have purchased premium plugins should be more familiar with it, and it supports all the payment methods such as bank cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Bitcoin via BitPay.


The checkout-system via library is very handy, thank you!

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Indeed, I liked the way it integrated as well.



/fundraiser looks great. thrown my coins in the hat!

Of course, it would be immense if this module were polyphonic-capable too… :smirk:

This one likely will be polyphonic. It’s easy for me to take someone’s analog model and wrap it in a polyphonic loop.

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Et voilà.

Fundraising for Rack versions of hardware is an unbelievably good idea. I think a significant chunk of open Eurorack hardware could get virtualized this way. And maybe there’s a path for non-open hardware too, at least for sufficiently visionary companies.

Shelves: if this is anywhere near as good as the Ripples port it’ll be incredible. Go get 'em, @AlrightDevices!

Congrats! Looks like it funded. I’ll post here when development is close to finished.


Added panel and UI code.



I’m in. Looks good.

A quite off topic question, will always fundraise Audible instrument or do you have plans for other brands / modules? and should it be clones? there are very interesting Ideas in this topic

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If I have a project idea, a suitable software developer or DSP engineer to hire, and potentially the users in order to fund it, I might launch a fundraiser for it.


Audible Instruments EQ Filter is now available on the VCV Library.

Let’s see your patches!


Nice touch by Tyler, best line in the source files :wink: