Mutable Instruments Ripples project

I would definitely donate again to help fund! Though perhaps a gofundme page or similar would be appropriate to see where the donations are at. Perhaps extra funds could go towards more ports or some charitable donations with excess.

I’m not sure if GoFundMe is the right place for an open-source software project. It might not be against the rules, but it just doesn’t seem like an appropriate service to use. VCV isn’t a hospital, elementary school, or family needing to pay medical bills. Also, the only benefit is that users can see a progress meter for total donations. There are no service fees, but it’s not an escrow service. But since VCV is an established company (to VCV users at least), an escrow service isn’t really needed.

So probably the best thing to do is for me to build a web page (say at with a donation progress bar, a description of the current fundraiser project, and a US dollar box with a button that sends you to the same “VCV checkout site” that you use when purchasing premium Rack plugins from the VCV Library. What would everyone feel about that?


yes, in my experience it work good, the blender foundation has launch places like that in and it work perfect. build everything (the market, fundraiser , community , education etc) surrounding is the best

What about a fundraiser for the missing grayscale modules or all this modules that were announced last summer? Just an idea?


Great idea, but why not keeping it simple and just repeating the same procedure as with the Ripples project? This would save development time for V2 and it just worked :slight_smile:

I like the idea of a VCV fundraiser webpage



a fundraising page is definitely a good idea! The blender example is excellent and does not limit funding to fundraising. For example, Blender clouds offers workshops and trainings. On the other hand, it involves communication and therefore extra work. I agree with the others, maybe other one-off projects can be a good solution until the plan is finalized.

I’m not sure where I red it, but the lack of Grayscale modules had also some connection with hardware availability/ but I’m sure @Vortico could explain this.

If I remember wrongly feel free to delete my post right away.

And yes I’m pro towards a funding camapaign.

Thank you for this. It’s great.

Grayscale for VCV will be released for free without a fundraiser. However due to COVID-19, they don’t yet have enough stock of all modules to keep up with the increase of demand that would happen when the VCV Rack plugin is released, so we are waiting on a better time to release.


a short test of the liquid filter:


I used it in my latest piece. Lovely filter. :smiley:

I think fundraised plugins could be a huge trophic niche in the VCV ecosystem. A dedicated page sounds like a great idea.

Grayscale: great to hear that VCV releases drive that much demand for HW! It’s a good problem to have…

Really enjoying the filter, sounds lovely.

It’s quite nice Just used it to replace filters in the last couple weeks patches …saved all of them with this instead of whatever I had in there before . Thanks so much and nice work !

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Fundraiser for Mutable Instruments Shelves for VCV Rack.

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the meter (I dont know the name) is not refreshing firefox linux

What do you mean by “not refreshing”?

is not geting the new amount (I do not how to explain sorry)

The total funding amount above may take up to 15 minutes to update after your payment.

Post further details in the Shelves fundraiser thread. This is the Ripples fundraiser thread, which is already over.

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