From Where Should I Begin?

Hello there,

This is my first post after just joining this discussion, so please forgive me and provide kind assistance if I have posted to the wrong subsection!

I am new here but a real enthusiast and loving this community so far. I have a background in teaching coding and in education and feel I could help with documentation, at least for starters.

As a new member in this forum and wish to share and gain some knowledge. I am looking forward to create my own discussion to resolve my query and gain some knowledge.

Also in what category should be taken depends on what factors?

Thankyou in advance.

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Hi Liza

Welcome to the community! You should post this friendly greeting in the “Member Introductions” topic, here:

That would be nice. Always great to have someone onboard that can help with things, plenty to do and people ask for it on a regular basis.

Not quite sure what you mean?

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As for what category:

Each category has an intro post describing what it’s for. So, make your best guess, and if you get it wrong, someone is sure to redirect.

Thanks for sparing a time first of all and sharing these insights as I found it very much useful and informative.

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