Frequency Domain problems?

Hi, it seems that Fequency Domain has some problem with the automatic updating in Rack since the red dot always appears and Rack ask to update it all the time…something minor I presume…regards to all and especially the devs…

I solve the problem in windows downloading from here: and replace the new folder in vcv plugins-v1 directory…



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Cool Breeze. I was having the same problem at home.

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Very annoying problem.

plugin.dll from automatic update is 637 kByte

plugin.dll from git build 1.6.0 is 617 kByte

replacing the dll file (windows only) solved the problem for me

They had this problem last time they updated as well. Has anyone informed them?

I don’t think so…a post on the official site shall ne sufficient…

I think Eric already know´s this issue as he said in release page “Not sure why VCV is having issues, but here is the windows version”…