Frequency Domain 2.0

I’ve gotten through all the port labelling, and have submitted FD 2.0 to the VCV folks. Hopefully there are no issues. Thanks to everyone for their patience, its been challenging to work on this. Anyway, I do have an idea for another FD module, maybe coming soon


Thank you Eric for doing these modules, much appreciated. The new module is it something totally different from any others?

Great, looking forward to exploring them again.

Great news, thanks!


I’m anticipating these a lot, thank you for making them compatible again! They are great modules, and (effectively) having a Spektral Delay available in any environment like this, nowadays, is really cool and the icing on the cake :slight_smile:

Hopefully they hit the library pretty soon, hah!

Kinda weird I sent the files a while ago and have not heard back. I assume Andrew is busy, but thanks for the support - it means a great deal to me


Looking forward to them Eric!

It’s been almost a week after you already wondered about not hearing back from them. Has there been any word since…? Awaiting these modules like crazy over here, haha. And I have a feeling some other modules that were submitted after these ones have already appeared in the library?

Yeah, this is mainly just me being impatient, expecting these inspiring modules :stuck_out_tongue: but a part of me is still wondering if there’s been some snag specifically with these ones?

Yeah, I don’t know what is up. I sent @Vortico an email and I have not heard back.

Weird :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Could the vcvplugin files for this v2 release build be made available somewhere, for early adopters, until this goes live in the official library…? I’ve noticed some developers do this kind of pre-releasing, also to catch bugs before officially submitting, and so on.

Really cool if that might be possible, but yeah, on the other hand this is the anticipation speaking more than anything, so no pressure, eh :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to your great modules, they really open up the horizon for experimentation


just replied in an old thread, glad to see them back. i like VCV only for handfull (which still are a lot) of modules, Frequency Domain, are special, and unique. spectral & granular are the future, i still say it, after a year…

impatiently, i am. when they are back, i will use VCV more…

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