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Made a glitchy minimalist patch based on many a video’s shared tricks, patch file: FG_01_315_04_VCF_Glitchy_Fun.vcv (85.3 KB)

scala file (rename to .scl after grabbing): 22-53.txt (283 Bytes)


Finally on to something new. Been going so much all over that I am happy I got back to this to get it to where I am rather happy. Now onto flow and movement, but at least this far … Uses one VST, the SpitfireLabs Onde Musicale in Metallique mode. The rest are all I think free, the Vult ones are the commercial ones, but if you edit the .vcv file to cahnge ‘VultModules’ to ‘VultModules Free’ all should be fine even on free version, no guarantees though :wink:

patch: FG_02_32_29_PolyRhythmicMeter_Fun.vcv (191.9 KB)



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Thanks a lot!

Nice! Really cool sounds, and a nice vibe to it. I like!

Thanks a lot @Quetzalcoatl ! Appreciated :slight_smile:

A Patch that originated in Rack 0.5.2, was updated to v1 when it came out. I just found it again yesterday and updated it to v2,1,0. Buchlaeque and east coast in one I guess, all pitch and gate/trigger generation is handled by Nysthi’s amazing Warren Burt MetaAardvark clone (sanctioned) and the Source of Uncertainty clone of the Buchla module. The sound is all Vult modules and MindMelt and Valley and a few other things to ‘master’ this, no DAW was abused in recording this, this is straight from Rack.

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This is a study of unexpected overtones. Scale is the Terry Riley Albion Inverted scala file tuned to root of E. The patch cross modulates and blends all the sound that the resonators (Southpole Annuli and a Audible Instruments Resonator and FM deep bass generate changes the overtones produced by the Clouds (Southpole Smoke). A few Caudals thrown in to modulate things to wherever and back. Any change whatsoever alters the soundscape.

Still processing, but put on subwoofer or good headphones and crank this. I could let this play forever with tweaking little things.

Patch requires Southpole plugins, as well as Host, Valhalla Supermassive and Pathset Infinity’s Sifter (a cool take on granular) and the Shapemaster Pro, but here it is, tweak things at your peril or delight :wink:

FG_R2_58_15_GranularNoisePlethoraResonatorGranular_Fun.vcv (22.2 KB)


Hello there, are the Southpole modules available for V2? A great resonant track with a lot of atmosphere! Do you mind sharing the scale file for the Terry Riley Albion, is it freely available? Much appreciated.

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It’s in the full scala scale archive, it’s in the res/microtuning folder in the Nysthy plugin, but you have to unzip it yourself. Then go nuts. :wink:

You could swap the Annuli’s out for Audible Instruments Resonators and the Smokes with Clouds (supercell et al) albeit the patch would grow by many an HP… I built it from Steve Russel’s fork many a month ago, it was always my go-tos due to small size and all features there… So you could build your own I guess… No official port as not yet OK from original dev why seems to have gone quiet…

And thanks kindly for the kind words :slight_smile:

Well I have unzipped the Scala Rar, so what is the Albion called, there are so many! Got it, thanks for your time.

riley_albion.scl :slight_smile: , sorry, should have stated that

And very careful tweaking anything, radically changes sound in no time. I save at every point I like after tweaking things, just so I can get back to there when I mess things up too much, easy to do. Most temperamental patch I have made yet :wink:

Have fun

4 Glass Panes and 4 Opuli (plural of Opulus ?) with 2 Algomorphs and some delays and a few more bits and bobs and stuff patched in. Generative. Slow. The Glass Panes can all be different length due to the way each is patched, so they tend to interplay in interesting yet not completely random ways.