FractalGee's patching stuff

Made a glitchy minimalist patch based on many a video’s shared tricks, patch file: FG_01_315_04_VCF_Glitchy_Fun.vcv (85.3 KB)

scala file (rename to .scl after grabbing): 22-53.txt (283 Bytes)


Finally on to something new. Been going so much all over that I am happy I got back to this to get it to where I am rather happy. Now onto flow and movement, but at least this far … Uses one VST, the SpitfireLabs Onde Musicale in Metallique mode. The rest are all I think free, the Vult ones are the commercial ones, but if you edit the .vcv file to cahnge ‘VultModules’ to ‘VultModules Free’ all should be fine even on free version, no guarantees though :wink:

patch: FG_02_32_29_PolyRhythmicMeter_Fun.vcv (191.9 KB)



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Thanks a lot!

Nice! Really cool sounds, and a nice vibe to it. I like!

Thanks a lot @Quetzalcoatl ! Appreciated :slight_smile: