First test of V2 for multi-interface routing - Amazing!

I needed to solve a problem for testing latency of a video chat connection from California to Massachusetts, and I needed a good solution for a controlled loopback with a delay in CA with an oscilloscope in MA looking at a clap input there and the loopback time. V2 Rack wound up being perfect for it. On a mac in CA I used two blackhole loopback virtual interfaces to get audio in and out of Rack, I used another audio interface to pick up my imac microphone so I could communicate with the person at the other end, and a fourth interface to monitor.

Took me about an hour to figure out the signal flow and design the monitoring and control system, so that I could receive a clap from MA, delay it with a precisely known amount locally and then send it back from CA, and we were able to measure our latency at a fairly consistent 450 mS over Jitsi. We’re going to try some other approaches and see how close to the theoretical minimum we can get to.

But it was a great tool for this, very user-friendly and helpful. I could not be more pleased with the way it was up to the task and gave me a lot of versatility to monitor and examine the signals.

I feel it drawing me back to wanting to play with electronics and modules again. I’ll hold off a bit longer and see if I can get at least half an album written with guitar, but the pull back is strong.

I tried to install some plugins, but didn’t have much luck, and I didn’t find any good forum topics for it, but I know the question has probably been asked and answered a dozen times. I’m also curious about the ETA for the non-beta, if anybody can direct me to that conversation I’d be glad to read up on it. Not that V1 doesn’t serve my needs, but I’m looking forward to that day when I can unwrap a fresh install of V2 and see what happens.

Maybe this time I’ll go slow at first with the inclusion of new plugins. hahahaha. Ahhh, I don’t think that’s going to last more than a few days.

Thanks Andrew, for all the joy and creative excitement that this clever little program brings into our lives.


About release date:

Any version of VCVRack v2 beta has a build number - the beta v2 plugins have to match that build number.

Many developers have announced their v2 build in this thread.

Some have available binaries, others you have to build from their source trees - often hosted on github. Pulling the branch that contains the v2 build - it can be named to the liking of the individual developer.

An example, Audible instruments (note the --branch v2):

git clone --branch v2

A list of v1 independent developer hosted repositories and plugins can be found here:

Instructions for building are available on the official vcv-rack website here

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Awesome, thanks Jens, this is very helpful!

@vortico This is the thread I was talking to you about on Discord…

For anybody who is interested in remote music collaboration, we’ve been using Sublive, and I think we’re seeing close to the limit for the speed of light, at 44ms latency from east coast to west coast. Still troubleshooting some issues on the remote end as the computer there is a bit old.

I think Sublive would be pretty reasonable for same-city or same-state remote collaborations.


SonoBus looks promising too, but we haven’t tried it yet.