VCV 2 beta brands?

I installed the latest Mac build of VCV Rack 2.x and logged in. I get the VCV modules ONLY. No other modules appear in the browser. Is this expect behavior until 2.x ships? I watched Omri Cohen using it on Win10, and he seemed to have his full list available.

No its the vcv just, ud need to add modules by yourself as this is beta vers and its not final, so modules available are from developers itself published beta relase for beta v2

Ah, so there is a “manual” process for adding them outside of the VCV Library. Is it a text file that gets edited somewhere? And you get like a URL from the dev?

This thread has info (skip the part about release date) on where to find plugin binaries for Rack v2 beta. Once you have the plugin file (pluginname.vcvplugin), put the it in your plugin folder.


Thanks, got it…

Is it normal that VCV 2.x uses WAY more CPU that VCV 1.x? Is this the debug flags I might guess are enabled until it goes to production?

no, that’s not normal.