≈∃ (existentia) Music Thread

(Existentia Virae) #1

I wrote this last night after hearing about an old friend passing away. The strings are Mellotron samples played through Aepelzen’s Drum Sampler.

(Adi Quinn) #2

That sounds lovely, & very sorry to hear about your friend

(Existentia Virae) #3

I finally worked out how to take video again:

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(Existentia Virae) #4

Another Track. No video yet, but a brief description of how it was done is here.

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(Lars Bjerregaard) #5

Nice soundscape there, I like it!

(Existentia Virae) #6

Experiment with sample players, described here.

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(Existentia Virae) #7

More fun with samples, of course blathered on about on the page where we blather on about such things.

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(Existentia Virae) #8

I made a better mix of the track I submitted for VCP-27, and uploaded it to our soundcloud.

(Existentia Virae) #9

Now also on Soundcloud: a reworking of a prior piece! As predicted, I changed the scale in the quantizer and removed elements I felt only muddied the mix without adding anything positive to the experience.

(Existentia Virae) #10

This weekend’s experiment.
Notes here.