≈∃ (existentia) Music Thread

I wrote this last night after hearing about an old friend passing away. The strings are Mellotron samples played through Aepelzen’s Drum Sampler.


That sounds lovely, & very sorry to hear about your friend

I finally worked out how to take video again:


Another Track. No video yet, but a brief description of how it was done is here.


Nice soundscape there, I like it!

Experiment with sample players, described here.

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More fun with samples, of course blathered on about on the page where we blather on about such things.

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I made a better mix of the track I submitted for VCP-27, and uploaded it to our soundcloud.

Now also on Soundcloud: a reworking of a prior piece! As predicted, I changed the scale in the quantizer and removed elements I felt only muddied the mix without adding anything positive to the experience.

This weekend’s experiment.
Notes here.


After distractions and burnout and a cooling-off period, tonight was time to test a few new things.


Cool track ! Happy to have you back and hearing you feel better :slight_smile: keep taking care of yourself

Shortly after I posted the previous video, @k-chaffin updated Meander with voltage inputs for everything, so I was anxious to try out Ben Levin’s Lydian Leap technique. It only requires keeping the sequence in a Lydian mode, then every so often, grab the melody note, transpose it up or down 6 semitones, and use that result as the root note of the scale.

While I was tinkering, I added a 4-part Mellotron to double up the chords (rather than use a separate sample of each note, I just grabbed 3 octaves of C’s) and then split the notes of the chord out to an arpeggio.

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This started out as an exploration of Prism’s Rainbow, and it had a definite ghost story vibe, but then I clicked something and it changed mood entirely. It’s not 100% intuitive to me, but I found some kind of PDF manual, so maybe studying that and experimenting further will prove enlightening.

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Definitely, a creepy vibe!

I made a better mix and put it up on Soundcloud. Not sure if that made it more creepy or less so.

Took another pass at these with fresh ears and improved the mixes.

An experiment with Sckitam’s Markov Chain. We couldn’t figure out the proper way of using it, but there were 8 inputs, and ML Modules had 8 S&H in one modules, and BogAudio has an 8-way LFO, so that seemed inevitable, I guess.

This piece took longer than it should have, because we tried to work out how to use flip-flops and and and or gates to prevent the clock from triggering the sample player before it was done playing the prior sample. Then someone remembered the Steps module from AS.

Anyway, it’s 4 in the morning and I need some rest.

After @k-chaffin posted his take on Pachelbel’s Canon, I had to take it somewhere darker.

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Wherein we try out the new Loco Modules.

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