Examples Glitch Shifter and Pitch Delay from Unfiltered Volume 1

Hi I had a quick search for the above, but couldn’t find much. is anyone using these? Please let me know if you have posted patches featuring them or any of the Unfiltered Volume 1 plugins. Look interesting as I am into IDM type stuff. Thanks!

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maybe will try to do something tomorrow, what kind of IDM do you personally like?)

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Cool Thanks! The spectrum from early melodic Autechre to late digital stuff… Skam records beats/nz too if that makes sense? Cheers!

ok, seems like some classic stuff) Yeah, it pretty much does. So if I will have something nice I’m gonna post it here. Cheers!


Amazing thanks Artem!

Hi @againstnature There’s a video on YT by @Omri_Cohen, it’s a live stream so the context is quite creative/free/experimental, while focusing on the build of a complex generative patch, and consuming many different set of other modules. Also, the outcome is more ambient-glitch oriented, I guess. Anyway, it’s a super-nice stream, you can skip at 34:00 if you wish to jump directly at the point where Omri puts UA modules on the scene.

Thanks Dizzy - that gives me a little taste! But they are kind of in the background.

The volume 2 modules in the @Omri_Cohen live stream look kind of interesting…


Brilliant - thanks for doing this Artem!

I like the crunchy high frequency stuff.