Eurorack Modules You Want in VCV Rack

kind of, just 6 tracks and without the ‘variation’ option, but fun to use.


I would like to see more semi modular machine original creations. VCV seems to be perfect for this. You have someone offer up something that competes with hardware semi modular devices.

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Pico2 is totally different, it’s synthesis and not samples.

I’m talking about the hardware Pico2 module, which is a multimode drum synth as opposed to a sampler.

I might make a fixed rack emulating a Perkons style setup (using trummor.) Won’t be the same but would still be fun. The problem with the Perkons is it’s very “analog”, being built after a Russian drum synthesizer after all, making it superbly hard to emulate. You may see a premium VST someday but probably not a VCV module.

yes, tbh I wasn’t super serious because it is such a wild analog beast of a thing

Would love to see/hear the Perkons style in VCV as a fixed rack. ‘Build it and they will come’ to hear the wonders! :laughing:

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Q-Bit’s Data Bender ! I know with (a LOT) of work this could already be done (my instinct tells me Simpliciter and a lot of other modules around it), but anyway something a bit more already there would be awesome !

The CheeseGraterExpander has just appeared in the library, CheeseGrater with the expander should be pretty much like Nebulae2, right?

I definitely like it a lot - it’s got all the functionality that I want from a granular sampler now.

The Path Set: Grains plugin is 15$ and definitely worth it if you are looking for a granular sampler.

Hello higher up on this page, I created a patch based on the Q-Bits Data Bender but unfortunately all the Stutter modules never made it into V2-RL Stutter and Wrong People Tourettes.

Unless anyone knows any different? Any more stutter style modules-Nysthi got one?

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Some delay modules can create stutter effects. Here’s one I did using chronoblob

I made most of my last album with kitchen sink as the primary sound source. If they’re so unprofessional, why do they sound so good?


you would have to ask @Vortico. I asked him to include that one specifically in a “new this month”, which prompted his infamous mini review.

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You and I are both esteemed members of the same club, My module was deemed a total hack.


Thanks forgot about Chronoblob-Omri did a tutorial about that method, so you triggering it from Bogaudio S+H module that right?

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Probably a Bernoulli gate in latch mode.

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Tourettes has been updated to V2 unofficially, there’s a GitHub branch with a built plugin file that you can download.

Sorry forgot to reply, have you a direct link to that page? Much appreciated.

see here:

Thank you so much.

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