Eurorack Modules You Want in VCV Rack

I just saw a new EricaSynths module that I really hope makes it into VCV Rack, and I was wondering what other Eurorack modules everyone would love to see in VCVRack.

I thought maybe you could do the same thing with 2 Sangster modules but I don’t know if you can get a 1024 line and a 4096 line out of them. But then you would have to do the fading between them and it’s getting to be a faff.

This would make a good addition to the range.

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Just mentioned this in another thread, but this would be cool, a way to directly sync clocks up with Ableton Link


i’m not sure about the details, but isn’t this something like that? VCV Library - Stellare Modular Link and VCV Library - Stellare Modular Link v2

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Oh cool, had no idea. I think I searched for “Ableton Link” a while back and found nothing so assumed there wasn’t anything that did it. Will need to check this out.

Would love to see 4ms “Ensemble Oscillator” and “Spherical Wavetable Navigator” in Rack :slight_smile: Also: The “Stochastic Inspiration Generator”.

For the curios:


This (it is rackmountable, so I hope it counts)

I tried to rebuild it with modules, but I stopped at “spread fold” - and yes, that is only the second knob on there… I am really thinking about starting my outboard-journey. Not so much eurorack, but these little desktop things with CV are making me nervous. 0-Coast, this thing, DFAM & Werkstatt01, Neutron, Erica Synth DB01 and Pico-System III - but I know, that I will need a lot of other things around it. Midi-CV, a mixer, utilities… and that is just too much of a rabbit hole for me I think…


‘Spherical Wavetable Navigator’ isn’t that similar to Frequency Domain Ball of Confusion or is it more complicated than that?

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There is already a clone of the Spherical Wavetable Navigator, in VCV is called Prism Rainbow VCV Library - Prism Rainbow

“Rainbow is a port of the 4ms’ Spectral Multiband Resonator module to the VCV system.”

Prism Rainbow is a clone of the SM Resonator, not the SW Navigator.

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They’re related, but the SWN is a bigger beast, with more functionality. Check out the videos. The one from loopop goes through it all.

It seems VCV Rack can do almost everything Eurorack can do these days, yet I think Chaos Modules are still unchartered territory.

Nohmad made a strange attractor module based on Lorenz Attractors and Rossler Attractors. They are super fun to play with. (Lorenz Attractors is basically NLC Sloth).

Would like to see more Ian Fritz inspired Chaos Modules like ChaQuO, Chaotica, The Hypster etc.

I think they all can be mathematically modelled and deterministic, it is just they are rather chaotic in nature.

May be there can be a user-defined Chaos modules based on some fundamental building blocks e.g. Chaos based on a user-defined mathematical formula / sketch in oscilloscope module? I think this might be more suitable for Max/MSP platform though.


Try wiqid modules!


Thanks for sharing, wow they look interesting, will give it a try!

I just have this wild idea, If we can make chaotic attractors in VCV Rack, may be we can create swarm intelligence ambient drone using multiple attractors & slew limiters with adjustable chaotic / damping behaviour. You know, like bird flocking.

At least I don’t see a module like that yet XD.

I got some rough ideas probably will try patching it up later.


Also: Axioma

Also MscHack has a Lorenz module as well. Just made a patch using that, the Nohmad Lorenz and two Lfos from Wiqid and and an Etchasketchascope, Just going to listen to what chaos sounds like. I have recorded onto 2 Nysthi’s Complex Simplers as well and then reverbed it with Valley Plateau. This module might help as well with your Chaos modules set up:

VCV Library - Stalys 8 Function generators (

Forgot these Axon Squid-NonLinear circuits

VCV Library - Nonlinear Circuits GENiE (

VCV Library - Nonlinear Circuits Double Neuron (

Hello Wavtekt, did you get time to put the chaotic patch together? Be interested to see what you produced. A bit or a lot Chaos in VCV Rack would be great.

Different functionality. Not less :wink:

Something like that?

Inspired by the idea of swarm intelligence, this patch uses 4 Rings as oscillators. The pitch and timbre of the oscillators are intercorrelated by logic and chaos like bird flocking. The oscillators are then feed into clouds to create an additional layer of generative ambience.

Be patient, sometimes clouds freezes before there is any sound.

Just for fun.

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Developers in VCV Rack just amazed me.

I thought something as unique as Xaoc Device - Drezno was not being created in VCV Rack and I want to patch my own version (Basically it is a digital waveshaper using 8 bit ADC-DAC, you can alter the bits and create different timbres (Have a look at Drezno, Lipsk & Jena, the waveshaping concept behind these modules is very interesting))

I was wrong again XD. Someone already have made that. Probably I will patch it up with some switches and logic inverters and see what it does.

Kudos to HendrickCV.