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link to outlet stores: Eurikon - Looking Glass @ Distrokid

This track started in VCV Rack somewhere in 2018. After i was done in VCV i exported the stems that i was going to work with, by using NYSTHI multitrack recorder. About 50% was done in VCV, the other 50% came alive in Reason where i also finished the track. Hero modules: VCV Befaco Impromptu Modular Nysthi Lindenberg Valley Audio MSM AS Animated Circuits Bogaudio Bidoo Vult


Jump Room 23

link to stores: Eurikon - Jump Room 23 @ Distrokid

This track idea also started in late 2018. Stems exported from VCV with NYSTHI Multitrack recorder. The distinctive bell like sound that colors the track mostly, is Hora music analog drum module cowbell! 50% VCV and 50% Reason, production/arrangement/mix in Reason.

Hero modules: VCV Rack Audible Instruments Impromptu Modular HORA music analog drum modules Bog Audio Vult Valley Audio Music Thing Modular MSC Hack MSM AS ML NYSTHI CF


These tracks and more to come can be downloaded for free,
or pay what you want on my bandcamp page:

I haven’t posted in / updated -this thread for a while now, as my creativity has had a severe dent this past months.

Like many others also have had losses in this turmoil period we find our self in right now. I did too, and have lost my father-in-law, may he rest in love.

But new things are in the works, so i promise to post and update here soon.


This composition is primarily based around 4 chords. There is no pre-defined arrangement, and no traditional timeline.

The melodic arrangement is fully “auto-improv” that is being generated by lots of clock divisions/switches and probability triggers.

Rhythm is all MC 707 with a lot of event probability / euclidean sequencing. MC707 & VCV are synced by to the Ipad through Audiobus using midi sync & Link.

Feel free to download the full track here.


Beautiful piece Latif, as always, the percussions are on another level :slight_smile:


Thank you Marc :slight_smile: ,i am very pleased how this one worked out!

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Nice piece and beautiful garden - good looking hydrangeas!

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Thanks Rick :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s a great production and really catchy groove there Latif, well done!

Thanks Lars :slight_smile:


Cool! Reminded me of this one:

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Hehe thanks Lars!

That’s an epic track, always reminds me of the information overload of the 2000’s / millennia.

Love that track :+1:t3:


I like that dark skinning you did on my very first module, booty shifter :wink:

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Yeah :slight_smile: I can send it to you if you want it, let me know.

Did the same to 3EV, although the font in that one is generated in code, would be nice if the font was a text layer in the SVG.

Yeah, newer panels have it in the svg, older ones in code. Usually.